Build Something That Matters - 2017 Competition Summary

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It's 2017. Our planet is facing issues like climate change, overpopulation, food shortage, technology security issues, and aging populations. We challenge you to come up with solutions to address current issues in the world today and create a better life for all of us.

For the 4th year in a row, Hackaday Prize entrants will push the boundaries of problem solving to make a real difference in the world around us.

In 2014 we launched The Hackaday Prize to our smart, talented, enthusiastic community of engineers, scientists, designers and creatives everywhere. Over 600 projects were created, and the winner, SatNOGS, now has a foundation where they are continuing the work they started here.

In 2015 we challenged the Hackaday community to use their superpowers again. The results told the story of nearly 900 Hackaday Prize entrants using their unique skills to make big changes in peoples' lives. 2015's Hackaday Prize winner, the Eyedrivomatic, directly impacted the lives of many with limited mobility.

In 2016, we had nearly 1,100 entries, and the Hackaday Prize winner was Dtto, a search and rescue robot, an open source project that will continue to be worked on at the Supplyframe Design Lab.

In 2017, We’re starting off with the Design Your Concept round, where you submit a simple idea and an image. After that, we give you 4 more Hackaday Prize challenges to run with. These 5 challenges run one after the other and each challenge lasts just 6 weeks.

Alongside the other rounds, the Best Product round will be running. You can enter the Best Product additionally or separately with The Hackaday Prize.

20 projects will be chosen from each of the 6 rounds, and awarded $1,000 per project.

That's $120,000 in prizes for semi-finalists! YES, that's $120,000 and super that so many builds get recognition and a piece of the loot.

  • $250k in total prizes
    • Grand Prize $50k, Best Product $30k, 2nd-5th Place: $20k, $15k, $10k, $5k
    • 120 finalists will each get $1k
    • Seed funding: Enter right away and you get a dollar for every like on your project ($4000 max, $200 limit per project... this was super fun and popular last year)
  • 5 Challenge rounds (you can enter once or in all five if you want):
    • Design Your Concept (show planning for an awesome build
    • Internet of *Useful* Things (IuT ! IoT) -- connected devices that don't suck
    • Wheels, Wings, and Walkers (build something that moves)
    • Assistive Technology (helps the sick, elderly, physically or mentally challenged)
    • Anything Goes (free for all, as long as it does social good)
  • Best Product Round
    • Enter your product alone or together with the Hackaday Prize
    • Up to 20 finalists will win $1000
    • Grand prize is $30k and a chance to interview for a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab