21.8k 237 25 144
RetroBSD is UNIX running on PIC32 and this is a board I designed for it, evolving into tiny computer
Project Owner Contributor

MiniBSD laptop computer


11.8k 129 60 125
The DIY laptop built entirely from PCB
Project Owner Contributor



22k 370 30 84
A Touchless Gesture Mains AC Dimming Switch
Project Owner Contributor

Air Gesture AC Dimmer/Switch


15.9k 183 0 77
A multi purpose lab tool accessible by simple Python functions, and capable of studying a wide range of physical phenomena.
11.1k 293 25 69
Design and build a simple, inexpensive, and manufacturable remote indicator for the most common type of mechanical water meter in use today.
Project Owner Contributor

Remote Water Consumption Display

John Schuch

14.5k 699 3 57
A cost effective, multi-pronged data acquisition tool to turn your computer into a workbench for science and electronics experiments.
Project Owner Contributor

A Versatile Labtool


3.8k 372 0 49
Minimal, yet powerful combination of control and measurement tools integrated with an SBC running Python based UIs for science & Engg. Expts
8k 35 9 27
A PIC24-based SBC
Project Owner Contributor



6.9k 657 0 22
A developer friendly way of analog digital io via restful web services & usb
Project Owner Contributor

Restful IO


2.5k 40 11 16
PIC Microcontroller dev board, in an Arduino form factor
Project Owner Contributor



2.5k 545 4 8
Easily play back CD quality audio (or worse) with enormous storage using a microSD card
689 34 4 8
8 year old unused video camera + PIC 12F615 = Time lapse magic
Project Owner Contributor

PIC Controlled Time Lapse Camera


3k 834 0 7
Coffee table with touch sensors and LEDs
Project Owner Contributor

Interactive LED coffee table


131 2 0 4
Yet another (decidedly tongue-in-cheek) LED candle project. This one takes textual input to produce a semi-random flicker effect.
Project Owner Contributor

American Constitution Candle


742 1.9k 0 3
Using trash to make cheap wifi drones, connect uncovered areas with connectivity, and explore the sky
Project Owner Contributor

Trash Drone Router Platform


261 16 0 2
BASIC Programming Language on a PIC18F26K22
Project Owner Contributor

Toy BASIC Computer

Steve Toner