A social game for Hackaday conferences

The community is the key! Let's get to know other hackers and make use of conference badges!

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This is my entry for 2016 Hackaday Prize Design Your Concept Challenge.

During the Hackaday | Belgrade Conference, someone told me that people involved in IT or hardware hacking are not always very socialized. The good thing is that tech meetups give you a lot of opportunities to meet interesting people and make new friends. So why not make the ice easier to break using some transistors? ;)


The goal of the project is to create a social game that:

  • is entertaining ;)
  • involves conference badges
  • encourages real-life interaction between players
  • helps to stay in touch with new friends after the conference
  • can be easily ported to other hardware platforms
  • is open-source

The big picture

Project can be divided into three main parts:

  • badges
  • base stations
  • server-side

Badges are the mobile part of the game. When player meets another player for the first time, he needs to introduce himself and start badge pairing sequence ie. by pressing a button on the badge. Now the other person needs to do exactly the same. When it's finished, each badge stores information about the other one and increases internal "encounter counter" which can be displayed on the badges along with owner's name.

Base stations can be used to save game progress. User can approach the station and transfer data stored on the badge to the server-side software.

Server-side software include a database with player profiles which can be edited via web interface. Players can also see a list of other players they've met with some contact information and an on-line leaderboard showing players with the most encounters.

This way there is some competition involved in the process and also it's easy to stay in touch with others after the conference.

  • Closer look at the Hackaday | Belgrade Conference badge

    Maciej Mucha04/20/2016 at 01:48 0 comments

    When it comes to Hackaday | Belgrade Conference badge, it has some interesting features which can be exploited for fun and profit:

    • IR port for bi-directional short-range communication
    • nice-looking, bright LED display
    • Unique ID accessible from user-space code

    They also have well-documented open-source hardware and software with a lot of example code. As well as embedded kernel and USB bootloader for pure hacking pleasure. All of this makes this badges great for this project, but I believe this idea can be expanded to other platforms and means of communications.

    More details here:

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