RC FPV tank rover

An almost completly 3D-printed tank equipped with an FPV system to explore and discover the unknown

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Almost all the parts on this FPV tank/rover are 3D printed. The geared motors (12V brushed 1000 RPM) are currently driven by a L298N motor driver. The motor driver is being controlled by an arduino nano wich reads out 2 channels from a Spektrum receiver. There's a chance the arduino and the motor drivers will be replaced by the car esc, but I might leave them in so I can connect some sensors to it in the future to give the tank some autonomy. The tank is equipped with a 600mW 5.8 Ghz FPV system wich sends a video feed to FPV goggles. The camera is placed inside an "eye" wich can tilt up and down with the help of a servo.

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I designed the tank in a way that it can be almost completely 3D-printed. It's of course inevitable to truely completely 3D print the tank so there are small additional parts needed like bearings, shafts, screws, bolts and nuts. The tracks however are completely 3D-printed and don't need little shafts between every link. They are designed to snap together and stay together. It's very hard to take them apart after they snapped together, which is of course the intention. 

I initially used 2 12V 1000 RPM motors but they turned out to be to weak so I ordered some new motors which were the same size but instead of 1000 RPM they are now 100 RPM. If I wanted to put bigger motors in it, I had to completely redesign the tank which would take up to much time as I already 3D-printed all the parts. 

The 2  motors are currently being driven by a L298N motor driver which is controlled by an arduino nano V3. The arduino reads the data from 2 channels on the spektrum receiver. I might replace the arduino and motor driver by 2 car esc's but it's also possible I keep the arduino so I can connect some sensors to it so I can make the tank perform tasks autonomously.

In front of the tank is a camera which is placed inside an "eye" so the driver can look up and down. The up and down movement of the "eye" is obtained by a standard 9g servo. The video feed gets transmitted through a 600mW 5.8gHz transmitter and gets send to some FPV goggles.

The hatch on top of the tank gets hold on by 2 neodymium magnets (1 in the body, 1 in the hatch).

A possible upgrade in the future for this tank would be a robotic arm wich would be mounted on top of it.

Assembly and test video of the tank:


Code for the Arduino which reads out 2 channels of an RC transmitter and then controlles a L298N motor driver

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    I made a YouTube video where you can see me build this tank step by step, from computer model to a working machine

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Not Specified wrote 04/11/2019 at 09:20 point

Hey, i would like to help you implement some cool stuff like telemetry and other things. I am an avid RC hobbyist and am looking for the design part of something like this. I am pretty good with electronics. maybe you want to collaborate?

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brian brocken wrote 04/15/2019 at 16:02 point

Thank you Not Specified, I am more than happy to provide you all the 3D files and code once the tank is finished, this way I'm sure everything works. I'm pretty good with electronics too but I'll contact you when I'm stuck with something. Thanks for the help ;-)

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Sophi Kravitz wrote 04/09/2019 at 19:32 point

These renders are nice! What did you do them in?

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brian brocken wrote 04/09/2019 at 20:06 point

Thank you Sophi! They were all rendered within fusion 360.

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