Modbus RTU tunnel by lora over 10km

It was created for use in cases where your Master and Slave are too far apart.

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By combining lora and modbus RTU I was able to read data from my slaves remotely. The distance may be up to 15km or more. I tried it in the best condition, on the sea surface the distance I gained was over 11km.
All you need to do is declare the parameters on the tool.

I use an ESP32 module so it can be combined with wifi to race data onto the internet, such as MQTT.

What you can configure in modbus RTU are:
ID slave, baud rate, register, parity, bitstop, databit.
What you can configure in lora are: Transmission power, baud rate, air rate, channel MHz.
And update data time in registers of modbus.

We will have two makeshift components called A and B.
Board A will be the modbus master, it reads your slave device and then transmits data to board B. Board B will be the modbus slave, it simulates registers, and allows the master (maybe PLC, PC..) to read its data.

I finished it and ready to share it for you. Include hardware ang firmware.

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Eduardo Centeno wrote 10/19/2021 at 16:29 point

Did you ever publish your code??

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namnam wrote 01/04/2022 at 17:05 point

contact me

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torsten wrote 06/19/2020 at 12:23 point


Great idea. Where is the source-code located?

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rob.hampson wrote 10/23/2020 at 12:38 point

did you ever get reply regarding source code?

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