Arduino based 6 channel rc transmitter

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I wanted more functionallity in my hobbyking 6ch transmitter, so I coded a new transmitter module, for connect via PPM to the RF 2.4Ghz board. Its working grear! 5 channel memory, servo reversal, dual rates, stick calibration, and some new functions on the way. The first version uses a 16x2 LCD shield, but the new one uses a nokia 5100 graphical lcd

The main idea was to replace the original board with one with more functions. The arduino reads the analog sticks from the controller, and generates a PPM signal that is sended to the frsky 2.4Ghz module that original comes with the radio.

On the first version ( ) I was using a simple GUI with a 16x2 LCD, and works great. Right now Im working with a nokia 5100 LCD, that shows more information on screen

  • Old video

    Patricio Reinoso M.07/02/2014 at 16:14 0 comments

    Also, if you want to see the functions of my transmitter code, here is a video. It was recorded in the early stages of the project, thats why there are some glitches on the signal transmitted, making the controls of the plane work not so good.

  • Flight tests

    Patricio Reinoso M.07/02/2014 at 16:12 0 comments

    Well, a few days ago (may be weeks) took the transmitter with my last version of the code to a test, in a park near to my home.

    Im using as test bed, a small foamie plane I made in a weekend off. The test was great, all the controls work as intended, dual rates and servo reversing are ok. 

    A full range test cant be made, because the park is arround 200m long, and 100m wide, but for a small plane, is more than enought.

    Here is a little video of the flight (my bad, the camera lens was rotated, and didnt notice it. thats why the video is vertical)

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