The Pulse Width Modulator Electronic Circuit module MCZ3001D comes with latching, control logic shift and driver level shift circuit operation. The DIP 18 Pin module of the circuit chip is compatible for the electronic devices for power source voltage regulation and terminal layout of the circuit. The pinout and control logic function the circuit performs solely based on the variable switching operation techniques. 

MCZ3001D Integrated Circuit 

The timer and feedback input loop gain give the output resultant of the circuit with remote control logical control and operating power source system. TSD and Internal variable power switching electronic circuit elements record the addressing modes applications and allocate them to the suitable memory location. 

Key Features of MCZ3001D: 

  1. Pulse variation high voltage source circuit simulation 
  2. Modulation controlled system 
  3. DIP 18 Pin source 
  4. The power dissipation is very low 
  5. Circuit distribution and electrical power circulation for the variable power system is high 
  6. Short circuit and loop gain power security 

Pinout Configuration and overview of MCZ3001D: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of the Integrated Circuit chip MCZ3001D is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specification and characteristics applications. 

MCZ3001D Pinout Configuration 

So this is the basic layout and terminal power switching circuit executed with all the terminals specifically regarding the command performed is controlled. The feedback and timer terminal pinout and output specifies the resultant output of the circuit with variable frequency simulation network. 

Applications of MCZ3001D: 

As shown in the figure below MCZ3001D Integrated Circuit chip is used for the Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) control circuit systematic execution. 

MCZ3001D Pulse Width Modulator application 

  1. It is also used in power switching circuit 
  2. PWM frequency modulation electronic devices 
  3. Variable control logic simulation technology 
  4. Control signal input elimination etc. 

MCZ3001D Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to get the Integrated Circuit chip MCZ3001D then you can also use the replacement substitute or an alternative of the IC MCZ3001D which shows similar functional and thermal specification characterises of the IC MCZ3001D. 

So the replacement or substitute of MCZ3001D is MCZ3001DB

Equivalent Part Number of MCZ3001D: 

The equivalent part number of MCZ3001D is MCZ3001DB

Data sheet of MCZ3001D: 


The integrated circuit Chip controller MCZ3001D is used for the frequency modulation and demodulation for the power source voltage required specifications. It is highly compatible and efficient.