This project brings together what, until now, have been multiple disparate parts of the puzzle, and is a milestone in my rPi bare metal vGuitar rig hackaday project.

It is based on my prior projects (repositories) which include my fork of the circle rPi bare metal C++ framework, and my extensions to it, including a port of the Teensy Audio library to rPi bare metal, in my circle-prh repository.

The box (my bare metal rPi development environment) also has a Teensy 3.2 board in it (for serial communications with, and control of, the rPi).  So the**box** ALSO includes the teensyPiLooper INO program which runs on the Teensy 3.2 in it's own repository.

The teensy communicates with, and controls, the rPi, as well as communicating with my 3D printed teensyExpression Pedal via serial data.

Together these projects, along with a Fishman Triple Play pickup and an iPad running Tonestack and SampleTank inside of AudioBus form an actual working rig, a set of physical, working hardware, that I can take to a gig, put on the floor, plug in, and use to play guitar with effects, a midi synthesizer, and controllable live loops with a user interface (foot pedal) that I like, and that can be somewhat easily extended and programmed.

There are tons of documentation available at

Above is a video of the device in action, a live looped version of the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer tune From the Beginning: