• Control Box and Electronics

    Mark Howe20 hours ago 0 comments

    Finally the electronics are done and installed into the control box with all the cables shortened and tucked away. Today put the final touches on the bulk of the programming. Added in modes to abort a landing at any point. Getting close. The finish is in sight.

  • Testing Moon Surfaces

    Mark Howe02/14/2021 at 16:54 0 comments

    One thing I've have to have to make this project stand out is a good lunar surface.  My current plan is to wet the landing surface with water, sprinkle on some grout, let it set for 30 minutes,  remove any excess, then repeat until it looks reasonable. I think this may work....

    A slight mod to the suface testing. Now spray the surface with adhesive, sprinkle on some grout, spray again, repeat. Also trying to insert a few random rocks into the mix. I think this is better and getting very close to the effect I'm looking for.

  • Electronics Work Begins

    Mark Howe02/14/2021 at 13:50 0 comments

    The PCB arrived from JCLPCB. Arduino Nano and sound card from Adafruit also now here. It's a simple circuit -- just a couple of motor controllers and some voltage convertors which could have been easily done with a perf-board, but I think having a real PCB makes everything look more professional.

  • Drag Chains and Limit Switches

    Mark Howe02/07/2021 at 17:56 0 comments

    Drag chains for cabling,  limit switches, adjustable limit switch contacts, and hard-stops in place.

  • First Test of the Stage Lighting

    Mark Howe02/05/2021 at 21:10 0 comments

    Finall got some of the neopixels wired up for a quick test of the stage lighting. Almost ready for final assembly.

  • Major Printing Done

    Mark Howe01/27/2021 at 22:27 0 comments

    Major printing is done. Gluing, filling, sanding, and painting next.

  • Printing continues and Sound Card arrived

    Mark Howe01/24/2021 at 16:41 0 comments

    Printing continues. Each verical section takes ~8 hours to print even at 5% fill setting. Nothing glued yet.

    The sound card arrived yesterday. Tested it today and loaded sound files from the Apollo 11 landing.

  • Printing the base and tower

    Mark Howe01/22/2021 at 19:21 0 comments

    After some thought, I've decided to print the base and tower. I figure I can always go back to the orginal plan of constructing it out of wood if it doesn't work out. It will just take some time. PLA with a fill density of 5% seems to be strong enough. With a little filler and sanding it should look good. Nothing is glued yet.

  • First Motion

    Mark Howe01/18/2021 at 22:14 0 comments

    After some quick programming of the Arduino Nano, first motion of the LEGO Lunar Lander (LLL) can be tested. Next decision is whether to make the stand out of wood or spend a few days printing it.....

  • Starting the Electronics

    Mark Howe01/18/2021 at 22:11 0 comments

    I happen to have some motor control circuits boards left over from another project that I'll use until I can design some more suitable for this project.

    Unfortunately it has a serious bug where 5V was routed to Arduino Nano's Vin. Luckily an easy workaround was is to just cut the Vin pin and jumper 5V to Vin.

    Board populated. The MPU-6050 is on the board, but not used. The red line in the foreground is the board bug fix.