MirkoPC -> CM4 carrier board

Yet another Raspberry Pi Computer (non-official carrier board for CM4).

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Carrier board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.

Main features:
- full support of the Raspberry CM4 module,
- M.2 2242/2280 M-Key slot (PCIe x1 Gen2 5Gbps),
-Wifi 2.4GHz/5GHz + Bluetooth 5.0 BLE (CM4 module),
- MicroSD card slot,
- extra eMMC 5.1 memory (standard FBGA-153 chip),
- 4x USB 2.0 ports (Host mode, Type A connectors),
- Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 with IEEE1548 support,
- 2x HDMI 2.0 ports (4K @60Hz),
- 2x MIPI CSI camera interfaces,
- 2x MIPI DSI display interfaces,
- USB-C for power supply (5VDC@3A) and for boot mode (device),
- dedicated power supply connector,
- high-quality audio DAC I2S (32-bit/384kHz) with headphone amplifier (DitectDrive, 128mW output power),
- RTC clock with battery.

For current status and more details please follow me on Twitter:

Here you can find a short introduction to the MirkoPC board by Jeff Geerling:

PCB is 4-layer, with impedance control.

PCB dimensions: 100 x 100mm.


MirkoPC REV1.1 finally relesed. Please read the project log for more details and also follow me on twitter.


All the interfaces were successfully tested. All the features are working.

The first batch was sent to the first users (8 boards).

You can check my github page (for technical details) and twitter account (for the current project status).


Project is under development - I ordered PCBs and assembly for passive components.

I will receive PCBs boards in 3 weeks (up to the end of Feb), due to the Chinese new year.

Then I need about 1-2 weeks for assembly rest components (ICs, connectors) and to bring up hardware.

Here is the 3D model in PDF format and STEP file:

The hardest thing in this project is the PCIe M.2 slot implementation. I'm not sure for 100% if this will work but it seems that the design should be OK.

I would like to test SSD NMVe drives and Coral Edge TPU modules.

Target applications:
· Machine learning platform (Coral Edge TPU)
· Cloud computing
· NAS server
· BOINC client
· Small server
· Home automation controller
· Smart controller
· HiFi media player (Volumio, RuneAudio)
· Home media center (OSMC, OpenELEC, XBMC/Kodi)
· and many more...


Assembly files (SMD + THT components)

Adobe Portable Document Format - 2.62 MB - 04/14/2021 at 14:21


MirkoPC user manual v1.0 2021-04-14.pdf

Official user manual, v1.0

Adobe Portable Document Format - 2.53 MB - 04/14/2021 at 14:19



3D model (PDF format)

Adobe Portable Document Format - 27.87 MB - 02/11/2021 at 11:25


  • IC shortage

    Mirko06/21/2021 at 10:49 1 comment

    Still, now it's very hard to order any integrated circuits.

    I really don't know who will manufacture the next batch.

    After I will manufacture the 2nd and 3rd order batches I have to close or freeze this project due to a very hard situation on the market with components - IC shortage. Most of the ICs have lead time ~52 weeks.

    Here are the examples:



  • 2021-06-21 current status

    Mirko06/21/2021 at 07:45 1 comment

    Hear Hackaday community!

    I have to say sorry! Sorry about my no answer, sorry about my delayed response, sorry about the whole situation.
    I had two weeks off due to my personal issues.

    This project beat me - to much work, to much assembly, to much things to do in the same time for a single person, I'm overloaded.

    I tried to assembly the boards with 2 colleagues but even for that was too much work for a small team. Now I'm working alone and I really don't know that the next 2 weeks should be enough for finish the assembly of the rest of the 30 pcs.

    Sorry! This project was one of the stupidest idea that I made (due to overloading).
    IC shortage and issues with partially assembled and ordered PCBs - these things beat me - because I tried to manually assembled all the boards with missing components.

    For next few days I will prepare and test 20 pcs for the first customers that paid the initial payment - please see the picture below.

    After I will finish the whole assembly and test the rest boards (about 50 pcs and for another project - bitpirat - about 15 pcs) I will close any manual assembly and testing.

    The next batches will be manufactured by external companies and boards will be offered by at least one distributor from Europe (Denmark or UK), if everything will be OK.

    Again sorry about that situation.

  • 2021-05-28: MirkoPC current status

    Mirko05/28/2021 at 07:56 0 comments

    Dear Hackaday community!

    Really sorry for my delayed response and my project update and status. I have to say 'so sorry'.

    Project delayed about one month (I planned to start shipping in the second half of May), but the current plan for shipping is the first half of June.

    I need about 2 weeks to assembly the rest of the components. I have all the needed components.

    I will assembly manually only 10 pcs (due to is too much work for one guy), the rest of the PCBs I will order manual assembly at some small EMS company service.

    During this manufacturing stage I faced on few hard issues:

    1. the biggest issue - component issue, almost all integrated circuits are not available on market (empty stock), due to Covid, pandemic and automotive industry mass production.

    I sourced components from many different shops, such as Mouser, DigiKey, TME, LCSC, Texas Instruments, Allegro, Kamami, and even Aliexpress and TaoBao.

    2. I had 1 week of delay with my PCB manufacturer (DFM review for my approval).

    3. I had 1 week of delay due to FedEx service and customs procedure and shipping delivery.

    4. In total I have about 3 weeks of delay on the manufacturing stage due to external issues.

    5. Now I need about 2 weeks for manual assembly and about 1 week for the shipping process.

    Things to do:

    1. manual assembly 50 pcs (by me and some EMS company)

    2. create simple firmware for push-button controller (microcontroller)

    3. test all the boards and functionalities

    4. prepare the shipping for all users and customers

    5. update and prepare Github documents and user manual

    2 weeks ago I decided to left the company, where I worked as a regular employee, to have more time for the MirkoPC project and future designs and soon I hope to create my own company. Next week I will be free for 100%.

    The good news is that MirkoPC GEN2 (R1.1) will have a colored pin header (HAT connector) and unique power switch (tactile switch).

    Please forgive me for that situation, but I'm just want to finish this project and to deliver ASAP even if this is impossible these days (IC shortage times and pandemic).

    So, summarizing I need about 2 weeks to assembly and 1 week for shipping (I hope).

    I will send over 40 packages to all my users and customers so please be patient and keep your fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

    I attached the partially assembled boards (5 pcs).



  • 2021-06-26 3D STEP model

    Mirko05/28/2021 at 06:44 0 comments

    Here you can download the 3D STEP file for #MirkoPC R1.1:

    In a few days will be available also the STL model of dedicated enclosure for 3D printer (my colleague supports me in this topic)


  • 2021-06-26 components for manual assembly

    Mirko05/28/2021 at 06:42 0 comments

    Components, lot of components...

    Due to IC shortage times I sourced components from: Mouser, DigiKey, TME, LCSC, Aliexpress, Texas Instruments, TaoBao, Kamami, Allegro.

    Nothing will stop me to finish this project... :-)


  • 2021-06-26 assembly issues

    Mirko05/28/2021 at 06:41 0 comments

    just a quick preview - this is what the 2nd and 3rd batch looks like.

    I can see two issues for now:
    - slide switches on 3rd batch are damaged, too high temperature on the reflow process
    - some mezzanine connectors need to correct its placement


  • 2021-06-26 quick preview

    Mirko05/28/2021 at 06:40 0 comments

    For the 3rd batch, I changed the FFC connectors to similar models as on the original CM4-IO board.

    This is still a prototype, but in the meantime, I changed a lot of things and I fixed a few issues.

    I hope that this time this will be a stable version, ready for mass production.





  • 2021-06-26 received 2nd and 3rd batches

    Mirko05/28/2021 at 06:38 0 comments


    Today I just received 2 boxes from Fedex.
    2nd and 3rd batches

    I'm happy and a little stressed if everything will be OK.

    Keep your fingers crossed, lot of work to do.

    There is no space for mistakes, everything has to work 100>#/span###




  • MirkoPC manufacturing update

    Mirko05/17/2021 at 05:19 0 comments

    Dear #MirkoPC community!

    2nd and 3rd batches are on the way.

    I need about 1 week to process the customs procedure and then up to 2 weeks to assembly the rest of the components (missing ICs and connectors).

    Lot of work to do yet!

    I'm very excited and I hope that the boards will be working 100%.

    There is not space for my mistakes.

  • 2nd batch -> PCB manufacturing

    Mirko05/07/2021 at 21:51 0 comments

    2021-05-07: current status -> 2nd batch is under PCB manufacturing, please see the log from factory:

    next step is the automated assembly process, shipping, customs, etc. manual soldering, testing, packaging and shipping - lot of work to do.

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xmz wrote 06/21/2021 at 15:28 point

Good work Mirko. Is it still possible to buy this board?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 18:37 point

I have to finish the current batches and close this project as is because beat me and I'm overloaded for 2 months (too much work, IC shortage and other topics).

Board probably will be available by some internet shop.

  Are you sure? yes | no

redjr16 wrote 06/14/2021 at 15:54 point

How's the progress on the 3D printer files for this board coming along?  Available yet?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 07:49 point

You have probably the REV1 (old version) of the project. I have to talk with my colleague about the STL file to publish. Unfortunately, he is now on a 2-weeks vacation (I have some issue with him publishing STL files, because initially, he agreed to publish the 3D models, but later he changed his mind).

  Are you sure? yes | no

David wrote 06/10/2021 at 14:57 point

I would like to buy this board.

How do I find cost  etc.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 07:51 point

I'm working with some distributor from Europe to offer this board by internet shop.

I have to finish the current batches and close this project as is because beat me and I'm overloaded for 2 months (too much work, IC shortage and other topics).

  Are you sure? yes | no

Florin Nemtanu wrote 06/10/2021 at 01:56 point

Hey there, I would like to get this board for myself. I saw a video on Jeff Geerling's Channel and about booting a pi module using your board. This is totally great. Also, I would kile to create a case for this board, from metal. I do have access to CNC, so this way I will be able to get a model right away, if I have a correct configuration for the port exits.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 07:52 point


I'm working with some distributor from Europe to offer this board by internet shop.

I have to finish the current batches and close this project as is because beat me and I'm overloaded for 2 months (too much work, IC shortage and other topics).

  Are you sure? yes | no

redjr16 wrote 06/09/2021 at 12:06 point

You teased us last week with a tweet about a possible 3D printed case for this PCB.  Any news on that front?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 07:53 point

Yes. Please check my message above. I have to ask my colleague again because he changed his mind. Sorry about that.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Ry wrote 06/06/2021 at 14:23 point

European Greetings Mirko.

I would also like to purchase this board. Details and Euro price please. I can wait.



  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/07/2021 at 07:58 point

please send me PM and I will send you more details.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 07:53 point

I'm working with some distributor from Europe to offer this board by internet shop.

I have to finish the current batches and close this project as is because beat me and I'm overloaded for 2 months (too much work, IC shortage and other topics).

  Are you sure? yes | no

Ry wrote 06/25/2021 at 12:17 point

Afternoon Mirko, let me know when or where I should pay for the board. Thanks!!

  Are you sure? yes | no

kasparsn wrote 06/02/2021 at 14:30 point

Is there an option to buy this board? Thanx.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/07/2021 at 07:57 point

yes, you can send me a PM.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 06/21/2021 at 07:54 point

I'm working with some distributor from Europe to offer this board by internet shop.

  Are you sure? yes | no

jacktronics wrote 05/27/2021 at 00:05 point

This project looks awesome, maybe this has already been asked, i honestly looked around but maybe i'm blind .. excuse me if it has been answered already : what is the target price when finished ? Is there some ways this could be made compatible with the PoE Hat ? I was thinking of using this to build a headless one wire bitcoin node with a 1TB NVMe SSD on it.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 05/27/2021 at 07:15 point

As a prototype this carrier board cost 65 USD, for mass production hard to say now, I'm during manufacturing next prototype batches. PoE compatibility - so far no, because this feature require to redesign the board (RJ45 connector is placed far away from HAT connector.)

  Are you sure? yes | no

jacktronics wrote 05/27/2021 at 12:11 point

Thanks for the answer, I guess I can do the PoE externally if I really wanted to, this board is still the best option for this little project from my perspective so good luck with your endeavor :-)

  Are you sure? yes | no

Kosma wrote 05/18/2021 at 11:33 point

W czym to jest lepsze od np. ?

Nie wiem, ale wiem, ze klaster jest poszukiwany. Nawet złożony z wolnych komputerów ale dużej ich ilości i dobrym chłodzeniem jest czesto wydajniejszy w sieciach czy pisaniu programów na superkomputery. Nikt nie pisze programów na superkomputerze bo to za drogo wyniesie. A taki klaster jest jak najbardziej pomocny. Pine64 postawiło wszystkie usługi w tym www telegram irc matrix itp. na klastrze swoich plytek. 

Gdyby tak dorobic sieć cos na kształ infiniband w superkomputerach i połączyc to w grona albo nawet każdy z każdym to taki sprzęt byłby wydajniejszy niż najnowszy pentium w zastosowaniach sieciowych.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 05/18/2021 at 13:41 point

infiniband nie znam, ale mam doświadczenie z fiber optic i modułami SFP. Pewnie 10G lub więcej nie byłoby złym pomysłem, tylko tutaj potrzeba $$$ bo to nie jest już amatorski projekt, tylko coś takiego trzeba wykonać zespołem kilku ludzi (hw/sw/fw/testy). Dla mnie żaden problem projektować ultra zaawansowane projekty hw - fpga, dsp, high-speed interfejsy no problem, jedynie trzeba sporo siana od bociana :)

  Are you sure? yes | no

Kosma wrote 05/19/2021 at 07:58 point

sporo ? nie chodzi o to by zamienić ale by jeden komputer zawierał różne procesory. Tak robi nasa. Kązdy łazik ma kilka procesorów i często różnych. Masz fpga, army, intele itd. Najpierw robią sprzęt apotem w tarkcie lotu poprawiaja oprogramowanie.

Co do superkomputerów czy klastrów to nie potrzeba dużych przepustowosci ważny jest czas. Ważne by sieć była porównywalna z pamięcią lub szybsza. W dużech sprzętach tak jest. A to już nie jest trudne. GPIO i możesz spróbować podłączyć, albo jakąs inna metodą (nie znam się). Może jako pamięć?

To co proponuje jest amatorskim projektem bo wystarczy dodac kilka płyt na jednym zasilaniu i spiąc to RS232

  Are you sure? yes | no

kwapiszon wrote 05/17/2021 at 20:24 point

Dlaczego ta płyta jest pozioma? Nie lepiej ustawic ją pionowo?
Lepsze odprowadzanie ciepła. I nawet drukowane opakowanie miało by
lepsza termikę.

Dla mnie ważne jest zasilanie i oszczędzanie prądu. Czy jest
jakis sposób by ograniczyc taktowanie np. ethernetu, pamięci, albo
wręcz dodać 4 fpga czy procesory sygnałowe. Fajnie było by zrobić
polską płytke podobną do

5W na 18 procesorów w tym jeden arm

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 05/18/2021 at 11:45 point

pozioma? to jest płytka rozwojowa, do testów deweloperskich, jak cm4-io board.

Co do redukcji mocy (obniżenie taktowania) - proszę zadać takie pytanie na oficjalnym forum Raspberry Pi Compute Module albo poszukać na blogu Jeffa Gerlinga.

Myślałem nad klastrem CM4 połączonym GbE (8 modułów) wspomaganych opcjonalnie FPGA Artix + napęd NVMe (koncepcja nazwana: Piramid). Wzorowałem się na Turing Pi (1. generacja).

  Are you sure? yes | no

Kosma wrote 05/19/2021 at 08:00 point

A dlaczego nie kupić taką parallelę i dodać do projektu. Kiedyś komputer z wieloma płytami głównymi był normalną rzeczą. dziś niekt nie robi czegoś takiego. Kiedyś procesory dokładało się jak ram  w paczkach. (np. sun spark)

  Are you sure? yes | no

4XCxkcCMFF8 wrote 05/15/2021 at 21:16 point

Yes! This was needed. Really thanks for all your work! @Mirko 

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 05/17/2021 at 10:20 point

Thank you!

  Are you sure? yes | no

marazm wrote 05/14/2021 at 20:12 point

Wydaje mi się, że bez radiatorów lub płytki peltiera taki sprzet już w czerwcu się będzie przegrzewał. upał na zewnątrz 30stopni w cieniu to normalka, a jak bedzie cieplej?

Po za tym brakuje mi pokręteł do głosności, przełączników np. który system albo choć mały ekranik z informacjami o ip, czy ethernet działa albo jak wybrać wifi , kilka przycisków plus ekran mogło by dużo robić. Jednym przełącznikiem np. włączyć usługe lub program lub przełączyc ekran etc.

No i zawsze jest modne zrobienie upsa. Nawet na 3 minuty z wyłączaniem automatycznym sprzętu.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 05/17/2021 at 10:32 point

To jest płytka deweloperska, wszystkie akcesoria (przełączniki, klawiatury, itp.) można podłączać przy użyciu portu 40-pin GPIO jako płytki HAT.

Chłodzenie - można dokupić dedykowane radiatory i wentylatory do CM4 lub do RPi 4B (jak np. ice tower). Po dodaniu chłodzenia temperatura na CPU może zostać obniżona do poziomu 30-40*C.

UPS - jak powyżej - z użyciem dedykowanych akcesoriów.

Jestem daleki od robienia kombajnu wszystko mającego - bo to odbija się na cenie końcowej i problemach z produkcją (więcej komponentów). Poza tym projekt jest budżetowy, gdzie każdy ekstra komponent robi cenę, a nie każdy potrzebuje UPS (BMS) czy klawiaturę do sterowania.

  Are you sure? yes | no

marazm wrote 05/17/2021 at 17:14 point

wydaje mi sie, ze nie chcesz zrozumiec. chlodzenie trzeba zasilac, zaprojektowac a nawet podlaczyc z plyta by samo sie uruchamialo kiedy trzeba i nie zajmowalo to procesora.

oczywiscie ze ten link, ktory podalem NIE da sie dodac bo to bootuje system, ktory wybierzesz. oczywiscie mozesz zrobic pajaka i wszystko pododawac sobie sam w ramach wlasnej inwencji, tylko po co w takim razie plytka skoro jest wiele innych?

To co pisze potraktuj jako dobre słowo, chęć poprawienia projektu i zwrocenia uwagi , ze moga wystąpić problemy a nie staraj sie zjechać lub odpisac cokolwiek. Tu na prawde wiekszość osób pisze z życzliwości. (w tym ja)

  Are you sure? yes | no

Kosma wrote 06/27/2021 at 16:35 point

Możesz podać temperaturę przy upałach?

  Are you sure? yes | no

HeyYoWhatBro wrote 05/08/2021 at 14:15 point

can you make ssd pcb assembly i little confuse to make that

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 05/08/2021 at 14:17 point

Sorry I don't understand

  Are you sure? yes | no

Joachim wrote 04/22/2021 at 03:15 point

Hi Mirko,

What about multiple serial ports (rs232)? I am hoping that one day somebody will make a carrier board with at least 4 serial port to be used with home automation!


  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/22/2021 at 09:35 point

You can use HAT board to expand Raspberry Pi.

Revolution Pi as industrial computer?

I had a plan do design second board for MirkoPC - IOB (I/O board) for automation - input/outputs digital/analog + serial interfaces RS232/485, CAN, etc.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Juan Manuel Varas wrote 04/19/2021 at 04:49 point

I also would like to buy a couple of boards to test them. I'd buy more units if they work for my project as I think. Thanks.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/19/2021 at 22:54 point

please send me DM. I'm working to order the next batch.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Keith Olson wrote 04/18/2021 at 20:10 point

A *very* cool build!  One of the first things that occurred to me is that it would be much easier to build into something else if there was a version with all ports on one side.  (...or at most two, with one long side and one short.)  That way, for example, folks could build a case that attaches to the bottom of a keyboard and have a 'keyboard PC' like the C64/etc.

(I'm sure that changing everything wouldn't take you more than a day or two.  :grin: )

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/23/2021 at 07:05 point

Thanks for your suggestion!

I wil think about this modification, due to I received a few the same suggestions (connetors on one side).

This can be nice future design as TV box.

But, the size of the PCB will be much longer, about 20x10cm not 10x10cm (or another option 2 boards, mounted as sandwitch) and the product price will be also higher, e.g. +25% more for small quantities.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Keith Olson wrote 04/23/2021 at 16:21 point

Thanks for the reply.  Some thoughts:

1.  If all ports are on one edge, the design should be as shallow as is practical, to minimize the total surface area.  (Bonus points if the GPIO can have right-angle headers added so they can be accessed from the back of an enclosure.)

2. I thought about using castellated edges/etc. on two smaller boards to allow joining them side-by-side or stacking, but, given how difficult it already is to create a board design that doesn't give off a lot of radio interference/etc., I'm not sure just how feasible that would be.  (I'm not even a *novice* board designer, but I've heard a **LOT** of stories involving arcane terms like 'parasitic capacitance', etc. to know that it isn't *NEARLY* as simple as just drawing traces on a board.)

3. I'm pretty sure that if someone specifically wants a PCB with all of the ports along one (or two) sides, they will be understanding about having to pay a premium for a non-common size.

Does that make sense?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/23/2021 at 20:11 point

@Keith Olson 


2 options can be considered:
one long PCB, and
2 separate PCBs where low-speed interfaces can be connected to the 2nd board.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Pengfei Li wrote 04/17/2021 at 03:26 point

The link is the same stuff,, the price is $36

  Are you sure? yes | no

jim ercy wrote 04/18/2021 at 08:57 point

smaller item but less feature rich. It only handles 2230 and 2242 M2 ssd, does not have either a quality dac. That in itself prevent easy use as media center. Only 2 usb ports also.

  Are you sure? yes | no

nobodino wrote 04/16/2021 at 10:58 point

I'm interested with your project. I would like to buy one to play. How much does it cost?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/19/2021 at 22:54 point

please send me DM

  Are you sure? yes | no

ghorpade wrote 03/30/2021 at 19:04 point

Excellent. What is the cost and when it will be available?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/19/2021 at 22:49 point

please send me DM

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 03/29/2021 at 08:26 point

If you are interested to purchase that board - just send me PM. Thanks.

I'm thinking about ordering the next batch or starting CrowdSupply campaign (a big issue -> time to market delay).

When I receive more such inquiries, maybe there will be enough of them to be able to order more PCB boards.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Danny Martin wrote 04/08/2021 at 05:27 point

I would be interested in purchasing one of your boards.  Can you provide cost and ETA on delivery?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Pengfei Li wrote 04/13/2021 at 22:17 point

Yes, I'm interested in this project. Can you modify your design a little bit? I am trying to use CM4 to build a WiFi 6 router which needs 5 ethernet ports and WiFi 6. The GPIO only needs 12 pins. Please send me email at to discuss this.

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/14/2021 at 08:45 point

a little bit? I don't think so :)

You can connect GbE port to the external multiport switch.

Adding an extra GbE switch is a quite complicated process (HW and SW).

  Are you sure? yes | no

Pengfei Li wrote 04/13/2021 at 23:31 point

Does m.2 port of this board support WiFi card?

  Are you sure? yes | no

Mirko wrote 04/14/2021 at 08:46 point

Not tested yet.

You can use CM4 with onboard Wifi + BLE module.

  Are you sure? yes | no

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