High-voltage RF linear capacitor for loop antennas

Using a few 3D printed parts and some brass hardware, you can build a capacitor suitable for 100 W loop antennas

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I have been working a few years to design and build a practical, efficient variable capacitor for amateur radio loop antenna. The goal is to use 3D printing and easily available parts. See my other projects: the HF short loop antennas and the easy-peasy high voltage variable capacitor. They provide a background for this project.

This project is complete. It works very well and is my primary portable antenna. See the photos. I have not written it up yet as a step-by-step project.

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shenglu wrote 09/25/2022 at 18:18 point

A loop antenna will provide greater reception for your devices and will improve your performance in weak signal areas. If you live in a remote area with many dead spots then the gain from loop antennas can be amazing. So go now and get more information

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