I wasn't going to create a project for this mask because of how janky and quick the build was, but after attending Defcon several people requested and encouraged a build project. 

I started out with a Seeeduino XIAO and a strip of addressable LEDs. The plug on the "nose" of the SPR644 mask is not a valve and a piece of solid plastic so that provided a good place to drill through the mask for the wires. The wires were attached to the strip of 10 LEDs and I ran it through the nose after drilling 3 holes for ground, VCC, and data. Once through the mask I soldered the wires onto the Seeduino onto the appropriate parts and the data line went onto pin 0. I pulled the wires tight and hot glued the Seeeduino onto the mask at an angle to make it easier to run the USB cable for power. 

On the inside of the mask I hit the part the wires were running through with epoxy to make sure there was a solid air tight seal and then pressure tested the plug for 15 minutes to make sure there weren't leaks. 

Now the really janky part. I bent the LED strip to follow the curvature of the mask with the final LED pointing at the "nose".  I then proceeded to hot glue the wires and the beginning of the LED strip to the bottom of the mask to try to mostly keep it in place.

The code uploaded to the Seeeduino was essentially hot-glued together as well, it was various bits of FastLED code I found online all strung together and some additional patterns added. Nothing fancy and hella janky.  As embarrassed as I am about the code, I'll post it on github in case others want to recreate the mask. Other than that, throw a USB power pack (that supports trickle charging) in your pocket and run a USB cable to power the Seeeduino and you're all set.

I really wanted to have a microphone on this project so that the brightness of the LEDs would pulse to the beat of music if it were present but I slammed all this together in about 2 or 3 hours before my flight to Defcon and ran out of time for additional features. I might add it in the future but we all know how it goes when it comes to revisiting old projects. 

The last photo was taken of me at Omega Mart, credit goes to @notbind on Twitter. 

For a video of the mask lit up: https://twitter.com/Cannibal/status/1556774264648265728

If you have questions or want to discuss hit me up on Twitter: @cannibal