• Lens stepper assembly built

    Jacob David C Cunningham01/29/2023 at 05:33 0 comments

    This was a quick design and had problems. I overlooked the middle open/close ring being taller than the diameter of the lens barrel. So the telephoto ring gear I had to sand... I also had to sand the front-lens support part. I had to sand it a lot... so it would fit.

    Then I had problems with the stepper GPIO's interfering with the camera detection for some reason. If they're plugged (ground connected specifically) on boot, the camera cannot be detected, I don't know why.

    So I'll put a switch in for that, I know you could do an electron switch, maybe even a relay but not worth it for me.

    Now I can actually do the frame by frame analysis to try and autozoom this thing.

  • Steppers not servos

    Jacob David C Cunningham01/25/2023 at 04:05 0 comments

    So... I started printing parts and getting rough sizing... I was planning on using some left over MG90D servos... however they only rotate 180 deg (with this pwm code I'm using) and also the gearing cuts it in half... the focus ring rotates the most on the 8-50mm lens. So I have to switch to these steppers that I already have and they are kind of big... oh well. This thing will be chonk.

    After this I'll design the camera mount which also supports the lens and the steppers will attach to that.

    I will have a programmable unit sometime this week. The software is the hardest part about this project.