• Set backs & fried components :(

    FourthLevelMfg7 days ago 0 comments

    I blew up chips on our Motor controllers

    if you look at the pins below the heat sink you will see one is missing, that is because it got fried.

    I have fried 3 like this so far :(

    One was because of bad stepper motors. The steppers also destroyed the internals of 4 other drivers. They have been sent back and replaced. Thank you Dan for getting replacements.

    One was my fault, I wired a motor to the drive wrong.

    The latest time I don't know why it blew. This is of course the one bothers me the most because the unknowns are preventing us from getting more than 5 motors working in sequence.

  • Tower of Power!!!

    FourthLevelMfg05/02/2017 at 22:43 3 comments

    We made the boards for all the motor drivers 15 in one big stack!

  • It's Alive!!!

    FourthLevelMfg04/18/2017 at 23:40 1 comment

    we finally have 4 motors all working together in the correct order

  • 1st Month Photoshoot

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  • PCB TIME!! (like hammer time only defferent)

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    we made some circuit bored or the first time on the other mill. It was very satisfying. Starting we made a beak out bores to connect our 8 limit switches to a IDC 16 pin ribbon cable. We made a 4 stepper to IDC also. we got the tool and made the cable our selves and it was relay fast with no soldering.

    we used KiCad to make the circuit.

    total mess at first.

  • Wooden 8020 / V Slot maker

    FourthLevelMfg03/18/2017 at 07:09 0 comments

    This is an animation of a V slot maker that uses wood instead of aluminum. The Idea is you can quickly prototype with wood and then switch to aluminum if necessary use. It makes 20mm V slot out of 1in square wood. (914.4mm) 36 in. x 1 in. Hardwood Square Dowel is $3.42 Home Depot vs 1000mm 20mm 20mm vSlot $20.28 with shipping.

  • laser cut NEMA 17 mockups

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    We laser cut NEMA 17's so we can use them to figure of fixtures and clearances.

  • machining at Supplyframe Design Lab

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  • ​Linear Rail

    FourthLevelMfg02/28/2017 at 08:48 0 comments

    The plan is to use this Linear Rail design for almost all steps of the folding operation. We can easily change the length of the rail by cutting the V-slot, and using a shorter Ballscrew. The clear plastic piece is the standard base for the 3D printed box-interface-parts. Its removable from the cart with 4 bolts. The cart is built on a single 1/8 metal base plate that requires no bending. The plate that the stepper bolts to with the long brass stand off's is also flat 1/8 in metal with no bending. Meaning If we order a large batch form the machine shop it comes out to only a few dollars a piece if cut with high power laser. >=D we plan is order a large batch of these plates and sell the rail kit on Amazon for people who would like to make their own.

    1x NEMA 17 steper

    1x 250mm 8mm BallScrew

    1x 250mm V-SLOT rail

    4x V-slot Wheels kit

    4x 40mm m3 standoffs

    1x stepper ball screw coupler.

    2x 1/8th plates

    and all the hardware.
    Thanks -Jake C

  • Locking tab update

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    After a successful test we change design because we need a stronger and more constant mechanism.

    I just finished 3d printing the part