Spacehuhn badge

just a flashing rgb led badge

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basically a tindie badge, but a different pcb art

@Stefan Kremser and I had a little chat about badges at the 34C3 chaos communication congress and that he'd like to see a spacehuhn badge - so we agreed on me creating this little RGB LED badge thing, not unlike the #Tindie Blinky LED Badge

  • Finished painting the set

    davedarko01/26/2018 at 13:58 6 comments

    I've decided on using the edding 4200 series on this run. I had to go over twice to get a good covering. Next time I'll try nailpolish though, since the color is still removable with Isopropanol, but tougher than with the 300 series.

  • LED choice

    davedarko01/15/2018 at 12:37 0 comments

    I'm currently deciding between 3mm / straw hat / 5mm LEDs and whether the animation should be slow or fast. I could only find 5mm RGB flashers that are diffused, but it would be so cool to have the other ones diffused as well. So I've ordered a bunch (way too many) LEDs and hope they'll arrive soon.

  • doing a science

    davedarko01/15/2018 at 09:42 0 comments

    Going to use some Edding pens to see what I can do about "multicolored" stencils

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