Arduino DMX 512 Tester and Controller

Control tool for testing and light show by the DMX-512 protocol

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Control tool for testing and light show by the DMX-512 protocol, ideal for quick tests on fixed or temporary installations of lighting. This project arises from the need to have a portable system for rapid testing in lighting installations, without the need to install lighting consoles, interfaces or computers in environments outside, hostile or difficult to access.

Hardware v0.4

  • Supports Firmware v0.9 - v1.3
  • 4x20 LCD with backlight and contrast controlled by software
  • Power from USB, batteries or external power supply
  • Navigation keypad
  • 4x4 keypad
  • Analog control potentiometer
  • Switch on / off (not applicable to USB power)
  • DMX output from terminal block, XLR 3-pin and 5-pin XLR
  • Output status LEDs DMX
  • Simulation in Proteus V7.7 SP2
  • Schematic and PCB in Proteus v8.0 SP1

Firmware v1.3

  • Supports Hardware v0.3 - v0.4
  • Navigation from cursor easily accessible and intuitive
  • Fast Inserting values from the keypad
  • Insert values from analog potentiometer
  • Memory Banks store 8 DMX universes
  • Reading from the EEPROM to start DMX universe preselected
  • Selection of memory options to start
  • DMX Control Unitary, selects a specific channel, and shows the values of the previous channels and next
  • Matrix Control DMX shows a 3 x 5 matrix with the values of the channels shown
  • Chaser DMX Control allows sequence selected channels, with a selected time
  • DMX Sequencer allows sequencing between universes stored in the EEPROM memory with a selected time
  • Multiply DMX Control allows multiplying values fill the selected channels
  • Function to locate luminaire from the selected channel
  • Quick access to memory options
  • Memory options Save, Load, Clear, Clear All (for banks and empty RAM memory)
  • Memory options for the 8 DMX universes banks
  • Function Black Out
  • Control of LCD back light illumination
  • LCD Contrast Control
  • Keyboard Shortcuts from the LCD back light
  • Keylight prepared for a next version of hardware
  • Compiled by Arduino IDE v1.0.6
  • Arduino library four universes DMX v0.3 -
  • Library LCD v1.2.1 - Francisco Malpartida

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    We will have to print on a pre PCB negative press


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