Humanoid Robot

World's First Remotely Controlled "Humanoid" Robot a.k.a Shadow Bot

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Government robotics companies build humanoid robots all the time. These robots are extremely expensive and are not available to anyone in the hobbyist realm. These robots rely on AI or autonomous code which is not or will ever be as reliable as the trained human mind.

My team and I are creating a humanoid/tank robot. This robot will be under 60 pounds, cost less than $2200 and can be made with off the shelf parts. This robot is so cheap is can be made by ANYONE, even high school students. It is made out of aluminum sheet metal and can be made in under a week. The robot can even pull an additional 50 pounds of weight.

The best part about the robot is that it mimics the upper human body movement in REAL TIME and all terrain. Any user can control this robot from anywhere in the world and receive a real time video feed in a Virtual Reality manner. This way we put the human mind 'inside' the robot, YET allowing the user to be completely safe from harm.
We call it: Shadow Bot

We are currently working on improving the range of communication as well as accuracy and latency.

This is currently revision one:

Total Cost: $2187.69 w/o Tax

Upper Body (Mechanical)

- Live Camera on robot for video feed

- Two degrees of freedom for pan/tilt

- Two human like arms

- Five degrees of freedom per arm

- Five inch wide grippers for picking up wide objects

- Joints: Shoulder rotation two axis, elbow, wrist rotation, hand a.k.a. Claw

Lower Body (Mechanical)

- Omni-Wheel Drive

- Four 20 lb / in motors

- 45 Degree Angle position

- Allows for strafe

- Diagonal movement

Project Stages

- Stage 1

- User wears a pair of gloves and stands in front of a camera

- Current range is limited to range ~ 500 ft.

- Glove data -> Robot

- Computer data -> Black Box -> Robot

  • 4 × TETRIX® MAX Channels 416mm Individual Count
  • 8 × TETRIX® MAX Channels 288mm Individual Count
  • 4 × TETRIX® MAX Channels 160mm Individual Count
  • 2 × TETRIX® MAX Channels 96mm Individual Count
  • 16 × TETRIX® MAX Channels 32mm Individual Count

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  • Build Complete

    Avi 08/15/2015 at 20:53 0 comments

    The entire mechanical build of the robot is now complete. We have also finalized all eletrical components are are adding them in.

  • The Robot's Skeleton is Complete!

    Avi 08/07/2015 at 22:31 0 comments

    The robot is now ready for the motor control, communications, and batteries! Once we're done (Aprox. August 17th) we'll be uploading a demo video so stay tuned.

  • Torso & Torso control are complete!

    Avi 08/02/2015 at 22:16 0 comments

    All mechanisms for the upper body are now complete! The movement and gripper controls are ready to go with our special made gloves as input.

  • Upper Body Finished

    Avi 07/05/2015 at 00:48 0 comments

    The upper body mechanical build has been finished. We are currently designing the tank drive system as well as the lifting mechanism.

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