Pi Zero 7" Portable

Wanted to have portable linux access in my office with touch screen, wifi, keyboard and mouse input and usb.

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Wanted a Pi Zero as did everyone. Got one early on in the year and straight away knew it wasn't going to be stuck behind a TV, or in a drawer. So I got a 7 inch touchscreen with a nice laser cut case, and then wanted more, needed it to fit within the confines (as best it could) within the touchscreen case. So I modified it to fit the back of the case and then found a Pi Zero sized usb hub and added that as well. Had to of course play around with the gpio pins, I've had a prototype boot up and shutdown button in the works but I've added the PiGlow for now, as it adds a fantastic backwash behind the Pi! As it's an ongoing project I kept wanting more inspiration to add more and more to it, but keeping in mind I want it portable and not to be overcrowded. The current version is as far as I have got, I need to minimise the hdmi cable size, and make some more custom cables.
  • 1 × Pi Zero
  • 1 × Belkin 4 Port powered USB Hub
  • 1 × 7 inch HDMI touchscreen with case
  • 1 × PiGlow

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