Varun Kumar

Projects speak louder than words.

New Delhi
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Things I've Built

Simulating Concept of Threading using Timers in Atmega328p

In this DIY I build a task scheduler which switches between two threads in an interval of 5.5 seconds. 1st task(thread 1) is to increment an integer value every second. 2nd task(thread 2) is decrement another integer value every two second.

Adaptive Screen Brightness, using Python Script and LDR

Every wondered how useful is the automatic brightness feature on phones, quickly adapting screen’s brightness according to the surrounding light intensity. In this DIY I try to create something similar for any PC or Laptop running on Linux.

Reaction Time Game

This game test reaction time of two players, and declare the fastest one as winner. This game’s main motive is to show the beauty of external interrupts over polling and to show the how to reduce debouncing effect using software modifications.

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