Rahul Sharma

I am the Founder and Guru at HatchnHack solutions, New Delhi, India. I love & live for tinkering with electronic components.

HatchnHack, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi
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This user joined on 12/31/2020.

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HatchnHack Solutions

Things I've Built

Glowing artwork

My first attempt at combining art with electronics for that x-factor for a special gift! Just love the outcome :)

8085 development kit

A kit designed to replace existing 8085 pedagogy kits in colleges. Was my pre final year project at NSIT, New Delhi

1 D pong game

A simple game designed on HatchnHack's first game day. Fun for kids and adults alike :)

ABCD of Electronics

A creative design project to make my own vocabulary on electronics

Neopixel dancing nights

Bluetooth enabled Neopixel lights to light up the space for every mood. Also has a special inbuilt music feature for that special DJ night with friends and family :)

Arduino development board version 1

A board for hassle free tinkering specially for students to allow them build projects faster and with ease. Buy it at -

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