BPW34 solar powered led watch

Absolute best watch ever !!!!

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5 years of watch development in one master piece of hardware


- BPW34 solar cells ... plastic, small, unbreakable
- ultra High effective step up converter 95% winth minimum 0.4V working voltage
MAX17222 my new favorit or MAX1724 now in use
- custom led 4014 display, inspired by project
- Supercapacitor capacity gauge

- Supercapacitor can be charged with USB or SUN

MCU atmega328 can measure usb voltage, capacitor voltage and can shutdown step up converter on low voltage to enable BPW34 photodieodes to recharge.

Using high voltage 3V 5F supercapacitor from VINATech Co Ltd. ( Thanks for samples ! )
super dimensions 25x8mm

On last test about 5 days in standby and 30minutes with Display ON

Also usable board to learn work with supercapacitors.

IIC on header.

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bobricius wrote 6 days ago point

I am using your great library, I am not tested how leds fit (I have no one now), I ordered PCB today I hope that all work as I expect. Of course reflow only, hand soldering is night mare :)

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 6 days ago point

So finally you made your own 4014 footprints, but you have to oven-solder them, they are much harder to hand solder this way...

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