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Things I've Built

Hand Held Dual Camera Imaging Spectrometer Probe

Design of packaging & fabrication of a low-cost, proof of concept probe using two cameras, one for each polarization, such that the power spectral density for every wavelength, for every pixel and both polarizations is captured.

Probe Assembly & Optical Bench for ALIAS Aircraft Spectrometer

Lead mechanical engineer for the ALIAS (Aircraft Laser Infrared Absorption Spectrometer) for design, fabrication and assembly of the structural & optomechanical components of this TDL spectrometer flown on a U2 to measure stratospheric ozone.

Vibrometry measurements of Georgia O'Keeffe Paintings

Laser Vibrometer Modal Survey on Georgia O'Keeffe Paintings as a process step in developing a 21st century packing case, with improved shock and vibration isolation characteristics.

Focal Plane Assembly for Stratospheric Balloon Gondola borne 1M class telescope

Design in Solidworks & assembly of the focal plane structure for the FIREBall telescope. Component fabrication from the Caltech Astrophysics machine shop. The telescope was built by a Caltech-Columibia-CNRS team, launched from Palestine, TX.

Controlled Atmosphere, Rotating, Tissue Sample Incubator

Prototype carousel for agitating living tissue samples, in and out of a bath of glucose and electrolytes a 1 minute intervals, in an oxygen enriched atmosphere, while maintaining the correct temperature for optimal sample longevity.

Hyper-spectral imaging Probe, for Detection of Melanoma

This is a hand held scanning head for imaging spectroscopy on lesions that may be carcinogenic. The mechanical design and fabrication of the first prototype for this hand held probe were done by me, and are the products of my shop.

Cryogenic Goniometer for Neutron Beam Line Sample Positioning

Designed in Solidworks & assembled at the CalTech Dept. of Material Science. Chills samples to 20 kelvin, and rotates them in three axes. The mechanical & thermal design is my own. Thermal isolation is achieved with re-entrant hexapods.

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Robert Chave wrote 05/20/2017 at 22:06 point

Seriously fun effort in soft robotics at Harvard with an open door to the resources.

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