I'm a student of the robotics industry. My goal is to assist with the development of VR teleoperated open source robots.

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Things I've Built

Virtual Reality Robot Teleoperation User Interface

This was a project which used an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to operate a simple Arduino-based robot arm.

Single-Passenger Solar Electric Vehicle

My team constructed and showcased a solar electric vehicle prototype utilizing Android OS for systems monitoring and system control. The goal was to eventually port the control app to VR/AR.

Projection-Based Gestural User Interface

This was part of a university capstone team project, where we developed and displayed examples of several technologies which will aid us towards efficient interaction with the machines. [p0KmD-lZ01Q]

Small Planetary Surface Rover

For this project I designed and tested a rover operation system for off-world teleoperation. Powered by an ATmega328 processor, its software and hardware can be easily modified to convert into a 3- or 6-wheel machine.

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