Tanya Reeves

Data Scientist: MSc Applied Statistics & Computational Data Analytics, BSc Mathematics & Statistics, BSc Physics

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This user joined on 08/16/2020.

Things I've Built

Interactive app creation and Machine Learning

This project culminated in creating an interactive app in Shiny. A suite of Machine Learning techniques were also employed, both supervised and unsupervised, from Neural Nets to Linear Discriminant Analysis.

Covid-19 Data Analysis

Using R, ratio of deaths:confirmed for Italy (red), USA (green) and Switzerland (blue). Using data from John Hopkins University.

Covid-19 Data Analysis

Using R, looking at confirmed cases as a fraction of a nation's cases, paints a more complex and more encouraging picture, as testing makes in-roads.

Covid-19 Data Analysis

Impact of transport policy in Italy. Confirmed:tested (red), deaths:confirmed (brown) are contrasted with prevalence in workplaces (purple), transit stations (dark blue) and residential areas (green).

Creating Warholesque animations

Using SimpleImage library (created by Stanford University) to transform one image into a Wharhol display

Facial recognition: dimensionality reduction using unsupervised learning

Comparing two types of dimensionality reduction: Principal Component Analysis and Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation.

Deep Learning using Keras and Tensorflow2

Using Deep Learning for classification of a real world fashion items dataset. An examination of Gradient Descent as an optimisation algorithm.

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