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plopez wrote 05/13/2016 at 18:34 point

¿What is the reason of the SmallerC limitation in real mode / MSDOS
to work with the type long and far pointers when the
programming model used is TINY or SMALL?

This limitation is crucial when what you want is
write an educational 16-bit operating system.

At the moment I have one OS written for Borland C, and I
would rewrite it to SmallerC. I wanted
NASM assembler to use as instead of TASM.

BCC & TASM / TASM32 meets all my needs, but
I really attracts the possibility of using SmalelrC & NASM
because they are open source.

With SmallerC without the long type and without pointers
far I do not see how I can rewrite the OS in
SmallerC, for example with regard to the memory management
of processes.

Anyway, many congratulations for the project
SmallerC. I will be pending the progress of the project,
I think it's great.

A greeting. Pedro Pablo. (Madrid, Spain)

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