Andrei Speridião

Hands-on multifaceted designer working with emerging technology and innovation.

Stanford, CA
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Things I've Built

Phygitrack (with a team) - 2018

An experiment on how virtual and real could be manipulated to use the VR player as part of a physical performance for the real audience outside. A laser ray follows Vive controllers, creating light beams in space.

HMD Heart Beat Interface - 2018

For an internal ARVORE game jam, I've hacked a Oculus Rift CV1 head-mounted display to capture user's heartbeat biometrics, creating an unconscious interface for a game.

Facial mocap helmet (by Cory Strassburger) - 2019

To accelerate ARVORE's animation production processes, I've built a physical helmet following Cory Strassburger's iPhone X Face ID mocap solution.

Connected Drains - 2013

My final undergraduate project, result of a research on design and emerging technology. It proposes an ecosystem of IoT-enabled drain covers that help monitor the water flow capacity and prevent accidents through a web app, by citizens.

VRENA (with a team) - 2019

To ease and cheapen the deployment of VR arcades, I've led the design and development of modular self contained VR stations that have everything needed for the operation of immersive experiences.

Pyr Lamp - 2018

This lamp uses thin pine-tree wood sheets conformed around t5 LED lamps forming a pyramid. The otherwise pale light becomes filtered by passing through the veins of wood and fills the surroundings with warmth.

Home Studio - 2019

Mobile modular shelves for a flexible home studio. One focuses on mechanical activities and the other on electronics. The structure uses open beam and plywood, with 3d printed connection parts and contains standard boxes for components.

Holi - 2017

A low-cost AR head-mounted display that uses a smartphone with a proprietary app to provide the virtual images. All parts fits inside an A4-sized acrylic sheet, and uses only a few other cheap components besides that. Made for Ovni Studios.

Tem gente? - 2016

Tem gente (is anyone there?) is an IoT device that improves the restroom experience by detecting ~smells~ and keeping the ventilation while needed. Also, it tells the occupancy so you don't waste the trip to the toilet.

Polargraph (by Sandy Noble) - 2016

My build of this vertical drawing machine. Two motors work together to bring the cord-suspended pen to a specific position, while a servo control if the tip touches the paper.

Rec Bottle (with a team) - 2013

Instead of soda, this bottle holds moments that are transformed into short musical videoclips by opening the cap. Inside, there is a Raspberry Pi, a camera, microphone, speaker and a tiny screen. It all work together to create memories.

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 07/03/2022 at 14:15 point

Hi @Andrei Speridião - Thank you for following Hackaday's #Featured Projects list.

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Andrei Speridião wrote 08/15/2022 at 21:57 point

Hi Dusan, thank you for your message, and for having my project featured :)

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 08/16/2022 at 10:37 point

No problem. It's always a pleasure to see a great project.

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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 06/03/2022 at 06:35 point

Thank you for following me! Recently I have been adding explanatory diagrams to my floating point interpreter and calculator projects to make them easier to read.

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Andrei Speridião wrote 06/04/2022 at 16:37 point

Hi Mitsuru, you have really nice projects, thanks for the message!

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