Bil Herd

Old Commodore Computer designer, burnt out beyond all recognition.

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Things I've Built

Commodore C116

121 Colors for $49 1984

Commodore 264... I mean Plus4

Great example of what happens when a computer mfg loses it's collective mind. Last of the series of computers under Jack Tramiel.


Last of the 8 bit mass market home computers. Sold ~ 5.8Mil 1985-89

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Starhawk wrote 08/19/2015 at 05:43 point

Hello there! I've got a bit of a collection of good old C= stuff :D it's good for me, I think... I have two C64s (memory problems), two 1541s to go with 'em, a pair of Plus/4s (rescued from the curb in the rain, dry but as-of-yet untested) and a C128 that needs a power brick and a keyboard. Fun times :P my biggest regret is selling my C64c that I had in college (surprisingly enough I'm only 29...)

The Plus/4 is kinda cool (no offense meant, just, I'm a C64 junkie at heart)... but since I have two of them, I'm thinking of 'borrowing' the CPU from one for a homebrew. Probably won't, but -- nobody has a datasheet online for the 8501/8501R1. Would you have a copy (or be able to purloin one) suitable for sending into That'd be pretty cool if you could do that since then everyone could use it ;)

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