Bil Herd

Old Commodore Computer designer, current video producer for Hackaday, burnt out beyond all recognition

New Jersey
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Things I've Built

Commodore C116

121 Colors for $49 1984

Commodore 264... I mean Plus4

Great example of what happens when a computer mfg loses it's collective mind. Last of the series of computers under Jack Tramiel.


Last of the 8 bit mass market home computers. Sold ~ 5.8Mil 1985-89

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Laser Developer wrote 02/02/2019 at 14:29 point

Hey Bil, 

Great work. Your video is important for today's electronic designers because IC manufacturers have gone mad on small silicon area making edge speeds ridiculously fast. Every track and gap have become antennas in the GHz bands. Very few people talk openly about how hard good PCB layout has become. 

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Starhawk wrote 08/19/2015 at 05:43 point

Hello there! I've got a bit of a collection of good old C= stuff :D it's good for me, I think... I have two C64s (memory problems), two 1541s to go with 'em, a pair of Plus/4s (rescued from the curb in the rain, dry but as-of-yet untested) and a C128 that needs a power brick and a keyboard. Fun times :P my biggest regret is selling my C64c that I had in college (surprisingly enough I'm only 29...)

The Plus/4 is kinda cool (no offense meant, just, I'm a C64 junkie at heart)... but since I have two of them, I'm thinking of 'borrowing' the CPU from one for a homebrew. Probably won't, but -- nobody has a datasheet online for the 8501/8501R1. Would you have a copy (or be able to purloin one) suitable for sending into That'd be pretty cool if you could do that since then everyone could use it ;)

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