• Compiling for the ESP8266 with Arduino and OTA support WITHOUT the Arduino IDE

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    After a magical two week journey of researching Makefiles for the ESP8266 I've finally found what I consider to be the easiest and best solution. GitHub user thunderace has created an exceptional repository (https://github.com/thunderace/Esp8266-Arduino-Makefile/) that contains a great ESP8266 Makefile, a script that downloads all the libraries that are required for building, and an example project.

    I created my own form of the repository (https://github.com/scintilla-aircheck/scintilla-arduino-ota/) where I included the library files directly so that I could clone/submodule/subtree this repo into any project that wants to build for ESP8266 without having to download the libraries with a separate command. I also plan on updating the example file to show OTA firmware update functionality.

    To use my repo, just follow the instructions in the README.md to get a file structure like this:


  • Using Hosted Chef With Microsoft Azure - Draft

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    For me, a prerequisite for choosing to work with a Cloud Platform is the ability to easily spin up Virtual Machines that are configured to work with Chef. Chef is a system that is used to automate provisioning and code deployment on you server infrastructure. In the past, I've used Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has deep integration with Chef, and in fact, will host a Chef server for you for free. For my current project, we are using Microsoft Azure, so I had to re-learn how to get Chef to play nice with this new Cloud Platform.

    Getting Set Up With Hosted Chef

    There are two main ways to start using Chef: self hosted (because Chef is Open Source) and Hosted Chef. If you are going with Hosted Chef, it's free for 5 nodes or less. (https://www.chef.io/pricing/) In this walkthrough I will be using free tier Hosted Chef.

    Sign up here: https://manage.chef.io/signup

    Once signed up, you should end up here: https://manage.chef.io/organizations

    For how to use Chef, check out their docs: https://docs.chef.io/

    Setting Up A Virtual Machine On Azure

    First you'll have to create an account: https://portal.azure.com/