• Hello world! - My first oscilloscope | Rigol DS1054Z

    05/18/2017 at 18:16 0 comments

    When i was a young boy, about 8 - 10 yo, i always curious about how things works.

    In our house, maybe only the fridge is unopened, and the TV :)) it's endless love to know how tiny chips works but sadly at that time there wasn't internet or computer :( have asked my father but he didn't really care or know about those. It's funny that he works for Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology but he don't really love those things. Maybe he studied so well so nation just put him there as everyone else at that time.

    If there is a wish i can make at that time, i wish he could told me about the datasheet so i can full fill my curious those days. And he did buy me a computer sooner.

    Fine. And back to the present time. At last i can buy for myself an oscilloscope - The Rigol DS1054Z

    For my mid/long run, this 100Mhz-hardware-ability oscilloscope is bang for the buck. Although 4 input analog ports are not really necessary but the point is the memory much bigger then the 2 ports version - 1052Z . And the price between them are not that big.

    I will use this for decode RS signal soon as 2 of my most important projects are requited.

    Really love this beautiful lady.

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