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RichardCollins wrote 09/18/2019 at 23:33 point

Please post something about yourself and your interests.  If you have general ideas about things you might like to learn more about, make up a general project and start describing them.  It will be a blog for a while, but you can get to a project with time.  Software and Data engineering are valid projects.  Usually in conjunction with teams that include hardware able team members.

The projects you are following show you have a good eye.  Maybe just make a project "Notes on things I see that are interesting" and then describe what it is about each that makes you want to know more. Why did you pick each of them? Then maybe writing it will help you decide which way to go.  Writing software for these many many hardware designs is an important part of the hardware people getting a workable new application, device, product.  Go with your strengths. Nothing gets built except by teams. Small and hardworking is a good combination.

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