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Who says CPUs waste energy by producing heat? - It can be used to warm coffee! A USB-driven, temperature-monitored quad-386 coffee heater.
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quad-386 coffee heater


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A delta-bot making hand brew coffee (oh, the irony).
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Elias Bakken

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Who wouldn't want an internet enabled coffee maker!
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IoT Coffee Maker

Matt Everts

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Automatic Slow Coffee Machine | home information device | music player
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Coffee machine v2


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A flexible, open source robot arm that grinds, pours, and serves only the best robotic brewed Coffee.
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This experiment investigates the production of bio-oil from Coffee waste. Bio-Oil can be used to make biodiesel.
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A connected coffee jug.
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A coffee maker integrated into an RF network to permit wireless triggering and status monitoring.
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It is to keep the Coffee warm and also to make the coffee while travelling... It is powered by IDT wireless charger
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On The Go Coffee Maker

Bharath Ram

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Arduino meets a coffee maker
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Tweeting coffeepot


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Too much time on my hands, or necessity being the mother of invention? I'll let you decide.
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Ultimate Coffee-'bot Hack - $0


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Automated internet driven coffee maker.
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Lattefy Coffee Maker


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ATmega32 based controller/display for my old espresso machine. It controls brew/steam temperature, pump, grinder etc.
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cold-water coffee maker. recycled, repurposed materials. no special tools. rethink what's around you. just. make. iterate because #caffeine
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Dual timer for accurate measurement of coffee pull using a tiny OLED screen and driven by Arduino
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Coffee Timer : OLED + Arduino


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Tear down of broken coffee maker (BVMC-KG5) for Technical Writing Report
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Coffee Maker Repair