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DIY Quadxopter builds. Micros to Bigger FPVs So I can spy on my GF aha.
Ok I dropped off recent. I had a operation. Think Im be having another soon. Only 36 too.
Going to be doing all the Devo 7e and Turnigy 9xr pro Mods. Might do a Custom soon. Like
I got aboit 10 Quads to put together. Need bits and bobs. I been buying in sets and doubles. I bad for Trading so Im doin that and plan to do alot more. Just tome and money.
Coming up.
Micro builds.
Should be a few as kids got there Hubsans ect and will be moving to up. So should I aha.
Friendly Tip "Buy a Hubsan X4 or copy for first Quad."
250 Builds.
Think there is 3 ther and I goto get two more Frames.
300 Builds.
Custom tilt rotor and Tarot 300.
Wifi Parrots coming too. Nanos too. Alot planned tbh. Just time and Cash.

Parrot AR2.0 Build.

Will be a wifi, fpv, gps set up with ground station. Used for Aerial footage which is not a priority right now. I will do RF mods ect. Will Research mods too and see what I like.

2 Boards and Navigation boards spare so might build 2. Not sure on the esc system ect not Researched to hard tbh. I just know they alot of ££££ and have alot crammed on the board.

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  • Emax 2206 1900kv turned up but:(

    RX HMP10/13/2016 at 16:41 0 comments

    Ordered 4x cw and 4x ccw, received 8x cw :( you just cant get what you order in this game. always something wrong always!

    Im considering ditching all this. its suppose to be fun not stress and im getting nothing but stress.

    I cant stress it anymore you have to be super super carefull in this game as every 1 is trying to mug you off and they do it knowing you cant or wont do anything due to the costs of shipping back vs price of items etc.

    We have things like hack a day and other arduino type groups that will soon push these dodgey sellers out of the game and we will be able to get good tech for good price no risks. A matter of time before these companies get exposed and go bankrupt. Sooner the better but I cant see it happening for a lil while.

    Hopefully the days of companies dominating by dishonesty,deceiving and out right lying will be over soon. or are people really this thick? if i out my gear up for 5x what i payed will people really come and buy it?

    He done me a great deal on these motors so im not complain and again the price of shipping back would just leave me at loss so im buy another 8. maybe that was there plan? like i wont send them back as it would cost me half of what ive payed already so il just buy more? I was really happy and thoughy id found that 1 good company but nope

    The plan was to get some motors, find out which give best performance for each application and then rebuild the motors when they do mess up.

    Im awaiting my other pair of mt2204 2300kv motors and still searching for a pair of glb 2204 2300kv. This will give me enough motors for a few quadcopters.

    At the minute im trying to decide on transmitters. The problem again is rip off companies charging upto 4x the price of other companies but even then companies that have them cheap have some crazy postage costs!!

    I really feel like I cant win here. The hole industry is dominated by these people and I cant handle being mugged off, It would never happen face to face. worst thing is how paypal has there back too.

    Ive looked into arduino diy transceivers and receivers and would like to go this way but when I try to talk with people on forums its like they dont want to help so im struggling. I really got alot of ideas for arduino from flight controllers to escs to fpv cameras, fpv goggles etc. I believe these can do everything and im so glad weve reached this stage in technology and im hoping so hard it whipes these rip off companies out. totaly forever! and in the worst way like im seeing, there products being bypassed by arduino erc i love it!

    Im thinking get the arduino kits and small touch screens with spektrum gimballs then do a fibre glass case for them, same for fpv goggles but Im not techy enough to know what to get and what will do the job 100% and if i cant do something 100% i wont do it at all.

    I wanted to just get flying quick as my aim was to get out racing 2017 and travel, Ive been hit with a bunch of health probs and want to do things I like etc this was 1.. I cant even find a legit drone racing organisation in UK. You got guys trying to make you buy insurance and pay 100 to use a local park that you can use for free!! lool its bad!! real bad! criminal bad in my eyes.

    I really need some help and guidance with what I want to do and I just cant get it. People choose to just take advantage instead of help again something they wouldnt dream to do face to face.

    Im thinking for now get 9xr pro transmitter but then you goto buy modules and then receivers etc its just a joke. But anyway plan was and is to get some transmitter and receivers. tbh I already bought some and got ripped off but what ever il have to buy more and hope for the best.

    Im looking at the spektrum receivers with gps and looking to have them on all drones standard with something like multiwii or naze32. I cant get the help I need with my parrot ar2.0 boards. another rip off company.

    I got alot of ideas and things id like to do but Ive just had operation and funds are not there like they usually...

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  • APM2.6 Arrived

    RX HMP10/05/2016 at 12:26 0 comments

    APM arrived today. price has gone up to 30 from 9 but I will watch and see if they come down again as I wanted a couple just wasnt aure about size.

    This looks perfect for the 210 and the qav240 frame.

    Been researching for suitable gps ect and could do with some advice on this as there is many and I believe the gps/compass is whats needed. searched modules and can find them but would like them cheaper.

    Need to know what else required, planning to use clean or betaflight.

    Whats best receivers for these? Im looking into transceivers and receivers right now and need a frsky diy stlye rf for tx. the work out what receivers to use.

    Wil be ordering turnig x9r pros over next few week but for now I need to sort my tx out and work out what it needs.

    Thinking of using tablets on top of tx for fpv eventually but for now its sort receiver and tx out then batteries.

    MT2204 motors came but only 1 pair. they are not same as glb so meed to source 2x black top glb 2204 motors. best ive found is 27 a set which is crap compared to al the other sets of 4 you can get. id seener get the rs2205 type motors and most likely what I will do.

    Goto order a 300 size frame and start getting answer on the parrot ar2.0 boards for now im more inclined to use the apm to get flying quick. depends if i need the sensors or not for the parrot boards.

    Not looking forwards to software and told mrs she gona have to get haor laptop out and learn it all herself loool my aims racing right as a couple. Turn up with multiple quads. this is for summer next year though but i know we need to learn the software ect now.

    A lil help please guys. Il work it out in the end as I believe with hit a time in technology were anything can be done and for cheap too. All the arduono stuff is a statement and its only just getting started. I learned real quick anything with rc, quadcopter ect demands a premium while you can find cheaper alternative under other titles.

    Its a amazing time to be alive!

  • Ultrasonic sensor diy

    RX HMP10/04/2016 at 16:16 0 comments

    The Parrot AR2.0 boards and the ultrasonic sensor.

    Need to know what ribbons required to connect it to the board.

    Also need to know if it wil 100%.

    Is there compatible camera sensors I can use as I understand the boards uses 2 but I only have 1 for 1 board so my priority is get this ultrasonic sensor attached and this hoard working will these even work with out the sensors?

    Need to know similar camera sensors as this is all priced crazy.

    Th boards £100 the 2nd part of the boards 50 the sensors 25 a piece. Can buy hole drone cheaper.

    These board will let me use my phone to control the quad, also have gps ect.

    Id like to add rf to these if possible too but not sure how far or when to move on these as the sensors leave questions. Again seller sold me boards knowing id need sensors but kept the sensors back basicly expecting me to go back and buy them individually. The invluded 1 camera with all 4 boards and want 5 each camera now"the small type" its a deal but they shouldve threw them in.

    Id like to have all 3 in working 180to250 size frames eventually.

    Not decided what my main 1st flight control boards will be yet. I do have apm2.6 on way but that was intended for 300 build and im thinking go totaly doy arduino on a 300 build.

    Will have to see when it arrives as no way it will go on 210 frame. I do have 250 frame on way. Ive bought a few and been treated like a payday loan and never get the product. I need custom frames tbh but thinking go for a bunch of qav250 carbon frames. Just have lots of back ups but I already thought to replace broken arms with rotar arms but wont be able to use them for racing. think im do the 300 buold woth rotar arms and 1 servo.

    Hmm Just waiting for escs, apm, motors, straps and looking to switch the dx6 or get a tx and all batteries asap oh yup need 2x glb 2204 motors not sure if the exact same as mt2204 bottom lip is different. may just use them with a paor of mt2204.

    Will be looking to get rs2205 kind of motors as I get other things out the way. Not enough reviews on motors so not onvesting heavily. Would love to get real good motors that i could rebuild and set up with built in escs. Food for thought but not sure how good built in escs are for quadcopters or how quick they respond ect, open to options on these and may try a set. its no good if there not competative though as there price you can get good race motors all day.

    I will sort tx rx and receivers out then get batts, thinking diy bat packs too but could do with some guidance.

    Thabks for taking the time to look. Im mainly here to get some help with my builds thats all. Nothing but bad experiences so far, industry in a hole just wants to make quick buck from you and couldnt care if the product is for you or ot or if it even works, hence me not going x9 straight away. people get brand new broke txs and get stuck with them. Its wrong..

    Im real interested in putting together a nano all in 1 with gps, escs,gyro ect all in 1 small reliable systems.

    May get boards made for myself as cheap naze32 ect dont got gos right? gps as safety feature is a must on all my builds. Also looking for cheaper solutions on modules. Theres different types. I understand I need gos with compass for amp2.6 which i think is neo7 ublox or above. id like to know if lower end models can be used. I just want failsafe return home or return to tx if that makes sense.

    Want to add hos to al builds so need a cheap option module I can buy a few of. same may apply to gyros, borametric I understand the 280 bora and the 6050 gyro are best but need guidance and to know if any cheap nazeor cc3d boards support my needs otherwise im looking to diy flight controlers with gps, gyros ect and bulk buy few of each.

    Think thats about it. Please comment your thoughts as I really need guidance. Cant see why I cant just plug tablets into my tx and rx and control with them which is exactly what the parrot ar2.0 boards should do.

  • dx6 dsm hack

    RX HMP10/04/2016 at 15:42 0 comments

    Donar DX6 for custom. Think Im use all in one protocol with a tablet for fpv or phone in middle. Get a carbon case and front plate.

    Got conned with this too.

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Richard Hogben wrote 10/13/2016 at 16:48 point

For DIY goggles a housing, screen, Fresnel, receiver and power will do it. That's pretty much all that's inside of the hobbyking headsets I think.

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RX HMP wrote 10/04/2016 at 15:28 point

I need similar minded people. Not here for competitions. Here to try and build some tidy quadcopters as cheap as possible.

Sadly instead of folk helping theyve chose to take advantage.

Anyway Ive found a solution to hach the dx6 dsm with frsky diy module..

Trying to put multiple quadxopters together for different things. My main concer right now are the 210 and 250 frames.

I have everything except rx tx and batteries. People taken advantage 2 times with tx. I may just buy frsky 9x.

Trying to build practice race quads as quick and cheap as possiboe but at same time keep in mind the options of different equipment.

Gps is a must for us. Im not sure what boards we will lioe but I already have parrot ar2.0 and apm2.6. waiting arrival of apm.

We need gps as were new to flying so not sure if we should just go arduino pro route or arm cortex ect. same goes with gyros, borametric, ultrasonic. I want these to all work on the ar board but have missing sensors or for example no idea what ribbons required to attach the sensor to the board.

I need some friendly guidance ;)

For now my concerns are hacking the spektrum dx6 dms only module and repacing it with somethong compatibe with atest technology.

All quads wi be fpv in the end too and I have 2.4ghz cameras and receivers already from old house security. I may use these and use my 6ch 35mhz tx for a long range rig.

Im eager but funds are limited but what ever il get these done in time but all I ask is that you coud get me some guidance and 100% facts/answers to my problems.

1 I believe the quadcopter industry demands a premium just for its name and ive oearned quickly you can get products with different titles, better, worser what ever but they work the same.

Even if money was no problem id probably chose this route. Its just a case of can I get it all working.

Soons I get the 210 and 250 done im order a 300 size frame lile tarot and look into running it full arduino, maybe even do a tx with fpv screen and osd al built in.

Im keep this like this for now and may do individual builds when I have all parts to complete.

I need advice on apm2.5, tx module hacks swap outs, batteries and compatible receivers for which ever tranmitter I implant.

Could do with 3d printing pcb printing and cnc tbh and thinking to rent a office purely for these and try help people out with projects as the prices are out of controo for somethings.

dx6 for example. 1 receiver that was crap to start and ended quick "ar6000" is 50bucks alone. Thats crazy i can get a frsky x9 with receiver plug and play for that. tbh thats what im end up paying on this dx6 to but ive convinced my self once working it will be way better built then the i6 x9.

Best ive found is frsky diy dht 8ch but need tour help with some these things.

If your similar minded join team and lets make some things like custom pcbs 4in1s ect theres a guy on here who does them.

I want to basicly have ready buit frames with flight controllers to if i do get into racing. make everything interchangable. same frame and flight controllers but different motor and escs, pull frame and mount motors and escs, quick programme, calibrate and go. I think naze 32 on carbon frame can be done at 15.

Im not looking forward to looking for flight controllers at all but i need to find or build 1 for me. 

See if I even want to take it that serious.

Need info on diy goggles too but most f this is for long term goals. Now I just need the 210 and 250 built wirh gps for satabiliser/failsafe so I can learn to fly. need 2x gbl 2204 2300kv motors as cant find them anywere. that will make me needs just batteries, tx and rx to fly.

Help me if you can. All info and link appreciated.

Sort this dx6 out, order 2 motors and receivers and im done. kinda aha. depends on the parrot ar2 0 boards. I dont have all sensors and need info on them too. the camera sensors and name of ribbon for the tlrasonic sensor to main boards 

this place dont let me put the pics and description how I want so im have to post pics and come to comments to discuss were im at.

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