• Hackaday, Assemble!

    Elliot Williams11/21/2018 at 13:21 0 comments

    I just put in for a 20-person assembly for Hackaday, which means that we'll get 2-3 tables, chairs, ethernet drops, electricity, and the right number of square meters to support all that.  The rest is up to us!

    If you're coming, and you'd like to make Hackaday's assembly your home, let me know in the comments or by adding yourself to the team for this project.  We want to make sure to have enough seats/space for all!

    If you don't want to make Hackaday your home, but you'd like to bring something awesome to show off that you'd like to leave with us, that's great.  We'll need deco.  If it's big, let us know in the comments?

    If you'd just like to drop by and say hi, please do!  We'll save a Mate for you!