Jadoo's All in one

An all in one DIY lab in a box 3d printer, laser cutter
Heated Chamber and Exhaust removing enclosure.

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All in one scanner/printers have been around for ages, this project aims to combine all the machines us makers drool over into one box, and connect it to the internet.

Im currently cramming as many features into it as possible, Ive been making quite a few pcbs lately so a etchant tank with fume exhaust would be convenient ill also be test mounting a plastic extruder to make filament out of recycled plastics for the 3d printer. I also did some research into getting a 40w co2 laser and it actually would fit aside from having to use 1 extra mirror.

For those who like the design im going to sketch out the polycarbonate pieces so anybody with access to a cnc mill can build a pretty stable and cheap corexy table.

Another unique feature is the 4.5mm plaster heated build plate which heated by toaster oven resistive heaters gives me a total print area of about 160cm2 or a 16"x16" square.

I'll try to update this asap with a progress timelapse as it turns out taking a 1 picture per second timelapse in 1080p over a period of 2 days takes over 40gb.

  • 4 × Nema 17 combo bipolar/unipolar motors used via ebay
  • 1 × Baltic birch plywood 4x8
  • 1 × Plaster of paris 25lb bag
  • 1 × 4m gt2 timing belt Potentiometers, Trimmers, Variable Resistors / Trimmer Potentiometers
  • 1 × 3/4"x12" abs extruded rod machined pulleys for corexy

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  • The beast is dead...

    Eric (Jadoo)12/30/2015 at 04:54 0 comments

    I rushed into this project a bit too quickly and didnt spend enough time working out the kinks with the h-bot style gantry. for that style of gantry to work well i really needed to better match the linear bearings... by about halfway thru i realized a number of solutions for my design flaws but to do any decent upgrades i would need to scrap a good portion of pretty difficult to machine parts. now that i have a 3d printer and a small tig/mig/stick welder i might revisit the idea later on.

  • Testing extruder hobbed gear

    Eric (Jadoo)08/21/2014 at 05:03 0 comments

    The first hobbed gear tested didnt have quite enough grip so i cut another with deeper grooves, that in turn gave better results but marred the filament making jams more likely. Will test it more once the z axis is further along...

  • Scrounging for resistive heating elements

    Eric (Jadoo)08/21/2014 at 04:28 0 comments

    In the hunt for heaters to use in the heated build chamber i ran across an old toaster which seems to fit the bill fine. At about 400w apiece they should be able to warm the heated build chamber. 

  • Finished wiring Endstops

    Eric (Jadoo)08/21/2014 at 04:16 0 comments

    This past weekend I dove in and finished the end stops the stage now seems to home nicely aside from one off spec polished rod, which doesn't travel as smoothly as the others. Aside from the wiring I have milled a mounting bracket for a depth gauge which I will use to calibrate the bed.

  • Timelapse of enclosure build

    Eric (Jadoo)07/27/2014 at 12:54 0 comments

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seilerjacinda925 wrote 11/19/2019 at 15:19 point


Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Jacinda, from (jakarta) indonesia,

i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (

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Adam Fabio wrote 07/28/2014 at 03:36 point
3D printer, mill, laser cutter, what else! This is a great entry for The Hackaday Prize! Keep up the good work Eric! Definitely need some more information on this one!

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Eric (Jadoo) wrote 07/28/2014 at 12:45 point
Still working out exactly what im looking to put in this thing in the time I actually have...

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