• The Genesis of Magi-Roast

    nmarais04/09/2021 at 21:32 0 comments

    Magi-Roast started with the kind donation of a well worn Magi-Pop hot air popcorn roaster to our household by @lerouxb. We had recently received some Cameroonian green beans as a gift and decided to use the Magi-Pop to roast them. It worked, but the roast was really fast and hard to control (around 3 minutes to second crack). At the same time I had recently built a TRIAC circuit for controlling an abandoned simulated-sunrise alarm-clock project. We had also recently aquired a 3D printer. It was Destiny.

    Magi-Roast is now kind of a version 1.0: It roasts, it controls temperature, it controls power and has a basic interface. Apart from the home-built power control module it is a fairly standard Arduino + modules from Banggood build. In spite of that I do hope you'll find subsequent updates on how it got to 1.0 and future plans interesting.