• European PCBA challenges Asian manufacturers

    03/15/2018 at 11:57 0 comments

    Svensk Elektronikproduktion have just launched their web-based tool that will make it easier for purschase and engineer departments to order prototypes as well as smaller series of PCB and assembly.

    The calculator on the website lets you enter number of printed circuit boards, number of components and component types, single or double sided mounting - the price is given immediately. Try it here: http://www.svenskelektronikproduktion.se/en/webshop/prototype-assembly.php

    The tool do promise prices that will compete with Asian manufacturers up to medium sized series. The difference is that their main production facility and office is located in Sweden since 1990.

    The calculator also includes one of the more expensive component, that is the the printed circuit board. How is the price affected if you add more layers? The printed ciruit boards are produced in cooperation with a excelent manufacturer in China. If desired, Svensk Elektronikprouktion will help you source components from their suppliers.

    If you have any questions or want to know more you can contact me at fredrik@svenskelektronikproduktion.se!