A Solar powered WiFi development platform, based on STM32 and ESP8285, a descendant of the tech behind SunLeaf

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ARM Cortex M4F + WiFi + MPPT Solar Battery Powered module, mBed and Arduino Compatible hardware development platform.

- ARM Cortex M4F 180MHZ STM32F446RET6
- ESP8285 WiFi SoC w/ PCB Antenna
- WiFi
- USB 2.0 Connectivity
- Plenty or GPIO/Serial via the STM32
- Over the air programming and updating
- Lithium Ion Battery Power
- MPPT Solar battery charging
- USB bus power for desktop development
- Over the Air Programming
- Low power

Aria is a SunLeaf derivative board that replaces the ESP-09 modules with a ESP8266 raw chip integrated into the board. The idea behind Aria is that its a WiFi and ARM development platform that can run off lipo batteries and be solar charged.

Its essentially a more open ended SunLeaf as far as applications go, where as SunLeaf is aiming to be a node in a remote sensor network.

Aria will allow individuals to make wifi enabled devices of their own using the same technology as SunLeaf.

  • Introduction

    AVR01/19/2017 at 06:46 0 comments

    So I developed this PCB a while ago (september/october 2016) but I finally decided what the hell I'll share it and show it off I guess. The github repo has been public since the development began so it hasn't really been hidden away just not mentioned. Feel free to give your feedback on the project. The name comes from the Italian word for air, I thought it sounded pretty and elegant :)

    The idea is essentially the SunLeaf core hardware but as a breadboardable device that can be embedded into DIY designs. Designed in KiCAD and completely open source, I'm hoping to build a pile of them down the road and toss them out to people and have the software get developed by the community.

    More to follow, but perhaps not soon since I'm doing way too many things at once.

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Stephen K wrote 01/19/2017 at 16:55 point

This looks wonderful, will really make low-power embedded platforms more accessible for hobbyists.

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