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Gameboy hacks and restoration.

- Gameboy pocket restored and put in new blue case

- Gameboy pocket to get screen and bivert mod

- Gameboy SP teardown restore and comparison between AGS-001 and AGS-101 PCB.

- Gameboy Advance SP AGS-101 motherboard repair and restoration

- Gameboy Advance SP recase and resotration rebuild.

  • Switching Gears: Gameboy Advance SP AGS-001 & AGS-101

    AVR04/05/2017 at 16:50 0 comments

    So next off for gameboy hacks and projects I will working with a few gameboy advance SP models. On it way in the mail (I am currently at lunch at work) is an AGS-001 Gameboy Advance SP all in working order, just a dinged up case, new case plastics, a pair of damaged AGS-101 motherboards, and some replacement connectors.

    This phase of the project is to document any differences between the two revisions of the Gameboy Advance SP motherboard, the obvious difference between the two models in general is the frontlit screen vs the backlit screen. Its also my hope that I will get both of these motherboards in working order and buy new screens/cases/batteries and build two working AGS-101 SPs we will see. One of the mobos has a finicky A button the other has a damaged accessory connector. Fortunately OEM replacement connectors have been ordered off ebay and that should be an easy fix, I'm hoping the A button will also be easy, just going to clean the contact and get all new button rubber components.

    Anyways here is what I'm working with (photos from ebay, going to take better ones when I get home)

    Top view

    Connector Carnage

    Cracked screen, darn shame, these are really nice displays

    Replacement case for when I fix a board and get a new screen/battery, really groovy metallic seafoam green looking color.

    Last but not least my working sample, a complete AGS-001, its also going to get a new case eventually (need to pick a color) and possibly screen upgrade too.

    Tonight I'm going to take some pictures and do some testing, I'll post a short log afterwards but I want to do the main post on these a bit later. I want to take the raw boards to work and take pictures of them under a microscope that has a built in camera, so we can get a really good look at the PCBs and learn more. Stay tuned for more gameboy hacks and mods!

  • Gameboy Pocket Blue Case Mod

    AVR04/04/2017 at 16:45 0 comments

    So first off with this project I wanted to recase my old gameboy pocket. When I originally got it used long ago (during Gameboy Advance SP's heyday actually ) the screen protector broke off, so I reatached it with plastic cement but I smudged it and ruined the protector. So this mod is to fix that and make it a more desireable color.

    Starting off with a plain black Gameboy pocket, not the ruined screen protector

    New case bought off amazon, big thanks to @davedarko for pointing out that these kits exist. It was about 10 bucks USD and its pretty good they even replicated the sticker that goes on the back lol

    Top side of PCB after being removed from case and screen disconnected

    Bottom side of PCB, pic taken while still in case, note the screen flex PCB cable at the top. My Gameboy happens to be the 1997 PCB revision not sure what makes this one different than the others though. Something else that is surprising to me is the flux all over the PCB, Nintendo are notorious for being about high quality when it comes to manufacturing and what manufactures to use. Flux all over the PCB like that is unheard of and unacceptable in the present day PCB assembly business.

    Boom all done in the new case! It came out really well, the case fit perfectly and went together with ease.

    Thats a wrap or all she wrote as they say with this mode. Case is installed all done, next for this Gameboy will be a back lit screen mode and bivert mod. Still deciding on where to buy the parts for those mods so open for suggestions. Stay tuned for more gameboy mods/hacks/restoration shenanigans!

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reiserrmackenzziesonn wrote 01/11/2023 at 08:19 point

Wow, your project is such a great. As I have learned something new by reading this project. Would like to share it with the team members of so that they could also read it and can implement something new in our running projects.

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davedarko wrote 03/26/2017 at 21:41 point

if you're looking for bivert modules or inspiration for a design : my latest thought on that is to use a dual xor gate, in case you want to revert the bivert with pcb jumpers.

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AVR wrote 03/27/2017 at 15:10 point

hadn't seen that store will have to compare to the ones I was looking at. I also saw your post about a dual inverter IC rather than the hex that has ungrounded inverter channels, will def be getting it from the place you linked if the place I found doesn't have that lol Also thanks for your support!

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