• Device size thresholds

    12/05/2017 at 04:46 1 comment

    A rambly question for anyone. What sizes do you mentally separate devices into?  I'd like to get a feel for how people use and carry their devices.

    Here are my mental models:

    • flip phone / small pocket. Women's pants pockets are significantly smaller men's pockets. Enough for keys or a small wallet, just enough for a flip phone, usually not enough for a modern smartphone.
    • smart phone / large pocket. Men's jeans pockets can fit a 6 inch smartphone with ease. The max size for this category is like a New 3DS XL which is over 2x the thickness of a smartphone. Keyboards tend to be thumbs-only. Controller case goal size.
    • UMPC / bag / purse. This is the range where the company pretends that it's pocketable but real life says otherwise. I dislike these because they require a carrying bag but don't add enough functionality to warrant it. The keyboards tend to be thumbs-only or seriously cramped.
    • tablet. Touchscreen centric, definitely carried in a bag. Not my cup of tea.
    • netbook / ultrabook. Approximately tablet sized but with a real physical keyboard. The keyboard justifies the increased size. I can do work without hating life.
    • laptop. 13-17 inches? The boundary is fuzzy. Still easily portable in a bag. I can get decent work done.
    • desktop replacement. Huge heavy laptops. If I have trouble swinging it around with 1 hand it fits in this category. Might have trouble fitting in a bag. A struggle to transport.
    • desktop. Anything not intentionally portable.

    Those are my thoughts. It's a mix of how portable something is and how functional it is. What are your perceived sizes? Which do you prefer or hate?