Remotely Administered Plant Care Delegation System

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As a gardener with limited (indoor) garden space and a desire to expand, I needed a way to maintain and monitor an off-site plot without regularly making a cross-town commute. It quickly became apparent that many people have the yard space and desire for fresh produce but lack the time, knowledge, or simply fear wasting their time in a failed grow. I found that many people wish to have a garden, but get hung up on details or get overwhelmed with information before ever starting and end up waiting too long. This project's goals are a bit different from other similar implementations of automated gardening; my visionary plan entails implementing an affordable, easily set up, and low maintenance solution for anyone to start growing their own food, herbs, or spices with a supporting infrastructure that combines both smart electronics and a live human help line to give even the most novice grower the confidence to begin utilizing their resources toward a greater purpose.


But I feel that this entry with be the impetus for me to work toward a goal I've had for some time...and unfortunately I have no way to make a video

 Through a personal consultation to evaluate potential for each remote plot, a custom grow system is devised to be tailored to the client's desired species, environment, goals, and experience level.  This rolling implementation will allow for a very scalable system that can be suitable for the complete novice that only wishes to host a self-contained unit with minimum involvement to the budding botanist that wants to get their hands dirty and desires a full range of data points to log growth, nutrient usage, environmental variables, and more. This project will be a continually evolving system that will enable me to simultaneously improve my understanding of botany and agriculture, embedded systems (I plan to learn to support a wide range of microcontroller architectures to suit each hosted garden needs and budget: ARM, AVR, MSP430, ect) and eventually hope to move up to aquaponics and managed self-sustaining micro-ecosystems.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Rev.B
  • 1 × Atmege8 (with support components- Crystal oscillator, etc
  • 1 × various sensors (some still to be aquired)
  • 1 × USB Wifi Dongle
  • 1 × STM32 Discovery

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  • Preliminary Prototype/Local Testbed

    mrobinson80108/21/2014 at 05:22 0 comments

    The first physical implementation is to be based around my own apartment grow as a testbed and learning platform.  Controlled with a Wifi connected RaspberryPi acting as the central control node (and temporary server) all initial tasks will be focused on interfacing with, and obtaining reliable sensor readings to explore environmental fluctuations.  The RasPi communicates with an Atmega8 AVR to gather and log data from sensors monitoring soil moisture levels, atmospheric humidity, soil pH and salinity, and light status.  If any of these parameters are found to be outside of acceptable ranges, an email alert will be issued detailing the problem and suggested actions.  A webcam taking periodic photos will also be interfaced to the RaspPi for physical inspection of growth habit, possible pest infestations, and a record of daily growth. 

  • Preliminary Design Diagram

    mrobinson80108/19/2014 at 20:37 0 comments

    Each remote station/garden will incorporate sensors suited for it's specific needs that communicates with a central server, from which instructions can be passed back to correct any environmental deficits, or other care reccomendations

  • Concept Development

    mrobinson80108/19/2014 at 18:18 0 comments

    As my garden's size quickly surpassed my apartment's ability to accommodate, I realized that I would need to find a surrogate gaden space. Not being able to travel to this remote location frequently enough means that many fuctions would need to be automated, or done by a third party (while minimizing the chance for human error--and responsibility). This system will allow myltiple gardens to be remotely monitored, and allow customized instruction to the novice gardener wishing to grow food (or other plants) with the security of knowing that there is always an informed central command to help them through theprocess.

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Roger Curry wrote 09/12/2014 at 20:26 point
Looking forward to see how this project progresses. Although it didn't make the top 50 (as mine didn't) let's not lose momentum!

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Roger Curry wrote 09/12/2014 at 20:28 point
by the way, I've left a message on your profile page

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