Place barings in front brace and inside shoulders. Install front legs and hold in place with 10/24 nuts.
Using clear epoxy for plastic, glue bushing in place and clamp till dry.
Cut mounting tab off of tail and drill a 3/16 hole into tail about 2'' deep. Install 3/16 x 6'' rod stock with a little clear epoxy. When dry, place in bushing and check alignment to stepper motor. Rod is long, it will be cut at final assembly.
Take the nylon bushing on your material list and a 10/24 machine screw for one of the back legs and place it on the bolt with a nut and tighten. Place it in your drill press and start filing it down till it fits in the back side of Boney. See picture above
Remove the two screws in the side of spinal cord at the tail mount, don't try to drill through them. Start with a 1/4'' drill bit and drill on slight angle to penetrate through the spinal cord on inside. Keep stepping up your bit size till you finish with a 31/64.  See picture above and below.
Time to make a little room in boney's rib cage. Put on a pair of clean work gloves, take your heat gun and start heating a rib on the outside of cage. Push gently on end of rib, move out about 1 1/2'' from center, remove heat and hold till cool.  Do this to all the ribs. You will need approximately  3'' between ribs, tip to tip. This will give you room for your Mega board and Shields.
Take the 1'' wide pieces with the 9/16'' holes, cut to 1 1/4'' to fit inside your bracket. File the inside edge to fit the inside corner. Using JB Weld epoxy or equal, epoxy the two pieces to the bracket. Keep epoxy away from hole. Leave set for 24hrs, file ends to a radius and buff.

Take your 6 1/2'' piece and place it in the vise with the 1 1/4'' line at the top of the jaw, this is your bend line. Take soft hammer and hit the aluminum close to the vice to bend it. Don't hit high, this will screw the piece up. Keep hitting till you have a 90 degree. Repeat for both ends.

Use a file and clean up cut marks.
Layout and fabricate front brace. I cover the top and bottom of the aluminum flat stock with painters tape to protect it and see my layout and tracings. I have three pieces shown laid out. Measure and cut one 6 1/2'' piece of flat stock and two 1'' flat stock. The 6 1/2'' piece will be cut to a 1'' width. Then come in on both ends 1 1/4'' and draw a square line across  and  a short line at a 1/2'' and a center line. Center punch the two crosses and drill a 3/8'' Hole. The two 1'' pieces are laid out 1/2'' from one end and a center line.  Center punch and drill a 9/16'' hole in both pieces. When using large bits it is good practice to use a pilot bit.
I have patterns in files below to make aluminum parts shown below. You can print them out on 8 1/2'' x 11'' card stock, cut out and trace. The front brace is not on the pattern, I am going to make a change.

Below is picture of Left front leg for boney ready to be assembled. Remember to position the leg on body and servo mount faces forward and notch for mount goes in leg half with no holes.

Dress up the edges on the cuts at knee and assemble leg with 6-32 x 1/2'' stainless machine screw, 2qty- #6 washers and nylon lock nut. The servo mount bracket is threaded 6-32 and the nylon lock jambs against bracket, this removes play in joint. Put leg piece on and necessary screws to hold them temporarily, you will be removing them as you clearance the knee area so the leg will bend. The...
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