Smart Hot Water Heater Controller

Track hot water usage, electricity usage, remotely control temperature, maybe more.

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20% or more of electricity usage in an average home is used to heat the water sitting in a tank. If the temperature is controlled effectively you should be able use reduce your electricity usage by at least a few percent. What I aim to do with this project is to build a device that monitors water temperature, electricity usage, allow remote changes of temperature, remote viewing of hot water statistics, and lastly auto learning of temperature control for maximum reduction in electricity usage.

This is a work in progress expect more to come while a decide how and where to move forward.

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nodemcu12ecanada wrote 08/20/2020 at 19:22 point

If you are on Time Of Use electricity rates you can save money by only having the tank heat at night at the lower rates. NodeMCU controllers save me $1,000 total. All projects are documented here:

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