A Renaissance man who like to design/build things that do things.

Wilmington, North Carolina
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This user joined on 04/29/2014.

Things I've Built

Remote Control Lawnmower

18HP gas motor to power blades Wheelchair motors to power propulsion. Neighbors thought I was a bit crazy with this one. Disassembled due to the fact that some idiots couldnt pay attention to the stop sign and almost hit some kids.

Mad Max influenced Halloween Costume

Constructed from: Tires, clothes hanger, street signs, leather vest, and fake blood. Had a matching machete that I made from another street sign. All signs acquired legally.

Electric Car Seat House Chair

Pulled from a newish Jag sports car. Custom stained oak base, all electronics but heated seat fully functional. So comfortable!

RC Remote control Tank

This was crazy to watch, I could even stand on it while controlling it. Sadly the tracks had to much friction and self destructed before I could get a video, it was truly awesome.

Artifex mk4

Self designed/built 3D printer this is the 4th total reconstruction. Now simi retired, I have a printbot metal simple, and it works really well. This gets used for the odd ABS part

Another Motorized skateboard

Stopped building when I started the electric skateboard project. will probably turn into a small go cart for my really little bros.

Freddy Kruger Glove and Iron Man Helmet

Glove, friend broke one finger off on accident, still havnt fixed. Constructed from copper and aluminum. Iron Man helmet constructed from paper, and fiberglass materials. Face plate is detachable.

Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboard: approx 6hp 30mph top speed 20AH LiFePo4 battery pack 15 mile range custom welded deck Incredibly dangerous, built, finished, busted my butt a couple times, decided I'm to old for that kind of thing. Dust Collector.

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Michael O'Brien wrote 07/04/2014 at 19:09 point
Thanks again for the skull :)

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