• yes, we're still alive

    mrv05/22/2014 at 22:36 0 comments

    We've been busy filling out forms and documents, looks like our project is going to get some funding :) We're also doing some prototypes for the next iteration of the interface and we're testing our new PCBs (going fine so far)...

  • javascript friday

    bbuegler05/02/2014 at 08:53 0 comments

    10 a.m our success and danger prove crew, once more assemble to create the awesimov interface of what is to become the replicators control panel, to model the diy-replicator. Adding boxes, sensors and actors, as a point and click master, is a problem of the past as our tests indicate. Yet, it still violates the aesthetic requirements for a delicious food machine - but we are on it. Commencing, node.js, jade, less, bootstrap, mongogogo! 

  • research needs your help

    bbuegler04/30/2014 at 09:17 0 comments

    We got the boards and a parametric box-model, but we need more data. the Crew has prepared a survey to get more intel on the ideal food replicator. Please help us out, we have a few questions tell me more