• Design V3

    SUF02/28/2016 at 08:33 0 comments

    As I found while building the previous design, that the microscope can't be used on the parts close to the bar where the microscope itself is mounted.

    So yesterday late night, changed the design, printed and assembled it in the morning.

  • V2 Built

    SUF02/27/2016 at 23:09 0 comments

    I was thinking about for a while, how to attach a microscope to the stickvise. It became handy to have a microscope while soldering tiny SMD parts.

    After a few weeks of thinking, tweaking, finally I developed a working prototype.

    This is the second version. The first one had a monolithic cross section block, what used to much plastic, wasn't easily printable, and hard to handle.

    After I assembled this model just realized a major design flaw. The microscope can't be positioned close to the bar of the stickvise where it is mounted. So I decided to tweak it a bit, so a newer version (v3) will come shortly.