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Stickvise is a low profile vise designed for PCB soldering. This product was born on
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Cheaper fine-pitch soldering setup with Wellers RT tips
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Soldering pen

HP (@banjohat)

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A soldering station based on the easy to source Hakko 907 soldering iron, which is a 24V 50W soldering iron with integrated thermistor.
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Hakko 907 based Soldering Station


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3D printed ball and socket joint with a quarter turn twist lock at each joint. Brick shithouse goosenecks!
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DISPENSER V5 for Manual solder Paste application (without compressed air) to PCB for reflow soldering or Hot-Air Soldering techniques.
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Microscope holder add-in for StickVise
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Portable StickVise
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A Netduino-based solder reflow oven built from an old toaster oven
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Reflow Oven


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Beginner friendly way to solder 0603 or larger components to pinheaders so you can plug them in your breadboard. 2 minutes and you are done.
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Small, simple and inexpensive preheat plate for hot-air soldering
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Soldering preheat plate


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Reflow oven controller based on Atmega88, 16x2 LCD, rotary encoder and thermocouple with MAX6675. One-sided pcb diy-friendly.
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This project is a simple-to-build rig that makes surface-mount soldering much easier.
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Compact SMT Soldering Rig

Nicholas Amrich

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A collection of ideas/projects and my personal take on it
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Wondering what to do with all those free half-sized perma-protos from Adafruit? Try this simple project to assist you in your soldering.
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Pin Header Soldering Platform

J. Kha