Maker. I disassemble everything I touch. More projects than time. Eventually I will become a mad scientist.

Madrid, Spain
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Things I've Built


After learing how to design with FreeCAD, I designed this printable car that can be controlled with a pair of servomotors and an Arduino board. I shared the whole project on my Github.

Prosthetic 3D printed hand

Years ago, I found the Enabling The Future project. They design prosthesis that can be printed on almost every 3D printer. This way, they have democratized the access to this expensive world. I printed and assembled one just for curiosity.

Pool Videogame C++

As my final project for my course of Industrial Computing I did a pool simulator with a colleague. We programmed it on C++ using OpenGL libraries for the graphics. It worked pretty well! We got a high mark.

3D Printer - Prusa i3

Years ago, surfing the net, I found the 3D printing world and I felt in love with 3D printers. A month later I was building my own prusa i3. Now it's one of my most used tools. Totally recommended!


I did this project with a teammate for entering a contest from Biicode. We built a cheap home automation platform based on infrared emitters and relays. We became finalists!

Plug & Play - Line follower & Laberinth solver robot

This robot came to life thank to my 3 teammates and I. We did it to enter in a university robot competition on 2013. To follow lines we installed infrared sensors on the bottom of the robot. We set 3 ultrasonic sensors for the wall detection.

Singing floppys

I saw a video of a guy playing music with floppys, so I tried it too. I succeed on playing Game Of Thrones opening song after some failures. I did it controlling the motors of each floppy with an Arduino board.

Halo 3 Armor - Real Scale

I made a weareable armor of Master Chief from Halo 3 videogame. The base of the armor is cardboard subsequently reinforced with Polyester resin and glass fiber. I didn't finish it yet.

Miser Drum - DIW Electronic Drum

Years ago, there were an acoustic drums in my house. The lack of space made us to sell them. Then I thought about having an electronic one, so I made my own following a video tutorial.

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