Norbert Fekete

I am by profession a programmer. My main hobby is 3D modelling/printing, other hobbies include electronics, mechanics, etc.

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Things I've Built

ESP8266 with additional GPIOs via SPI

The idea was to add more GPIOs and analog inputs to the ESP8266. It was achieved with SPI. The additional I/O pins are usable via native Arduino calls. More info about this project here:

RepRap graphic LCD module adapter for Sanguinololu

After accidentally breaking my custom module's LCD screen, I've decided to buy a RepRap graphic LCD module, and create an adapter for it which also includes cooling fan PWM control.

Custom LCD+SD module for Sanguinololu board

This printer has Sanguinololu board, which unfortunately does not have standard expansion ports, so I've decided to build an LCD+SD module myself, with a connector just right for Sanguinololu. Success. Then accidentally broke the LCD screen.

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