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    LOFI Robot is an educational robot construction kit designed to help young makers and inventors learn basics of coding, electronics and mechanics.

    LOFI Robot is fully OPEN SOURCE and based on the most popular maker technologies such as ARDUINO andSCRATCH which make it universal maker tool.

    LOFI Robot allows to build different robots easily and quickly: obstacle bypass, light following, painting, glowing, moving alone or remotely controlled. Educational robots are delivered by innovative Polish company from Tricity, which is currently implementing a pilot courses for grades 1-6 with learning programming in Sopot Autonomous Primary School.

    LOFI Robot is completely OPEN SOURCE we would not make it without such projects as:
    ARDUINO – our LOFI Brain robot controller and everything electronic rely on Arduino ecosystem
    SCRATCH – integration with this extremely popular visual programming langage makes it possible for us to work at schools with young kids
    MULTIPLO – at the very begining our wooden blocks were heavily inspired by Multiplo system, over time we changed a lot, simplified the design and developed our own perpendicular connection system, still we share the same module dimmension so our blocks are compatible
    MOBBOB – a lovely 3D printed robot design with integrated mobile app, CEVINIUS – Mobbob developer helped us with some kind suggestions in our LOFI Control app development