Jordan Bunker

Doing my part to increase entropy and create complexity.

Oakland, California
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This user joined on 02/17/2014.

Things I've Built

DIY Conductive Ink

Reactive silver ink made with three ingredients. Material science demystified for the amateur chemist, and reproduced accessibly for the home lab. UIUC materials science research paper replicated at home.

The Naughtso Safe (aka "The Combinator")

My first contribution to Make was this window-comparator based “safe.” Built from scratch, this project was designed to give an introduction to simple digital logic circuits, with a bit of makeshift mechanical design and woodworking thrown in.

Tesla Coil

I built this Tesla Coil for my high-school AP Physics class way back in 2006. Neon sign transformer, beer bottle capacitor, and adjustable spark gap.

Retro Bluetooth Radio

I appreciate retro styling, but I like modern functionality even more. I replaced the speaker, added a Bluetooth amplifier, and built a custom board to interface between the buttons and the amplifier board controls.

Raspberry Pi OpenHab Command Center

This project used a Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen to create a “command center” for controlling smart home devices. Also includes instructions on building a wireless ESP8266 powered RGB LED strip to be controlled via OpenHAB.

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